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Movie Image

I chose the movie What’s Your Number? I chose the movie because it conveys a serious issue in a comedic way. The film tells the story of a woman reading an article in Cosmo about the average number of sexual partners in someone’s lifetime. 234 more words


WIP Movie Image

SO this is pretty much my image, although the top third will have a bunting of condoms. Almost finished! The shadows are actual photos of mine with altered levels an lower opacity so I’m pretty proud

Brief 1 WIP

Movie Image

For the first image, I was required to construct an image that summarizes a movie or one of its main concepts visually. The movie I chose was… 317 more words

Brief 1

"Not another mockup!?" - yes.

WIP of my new idea and I’m taking photos this arvo/tonight.

But unsure about shadowy men… help? still need to convey her ‘extreme sexual deviancy’, any ideas? 14 more words

Brief 1 WIP