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The deafening silence of experiment experience and what looked a lot like an ending for Mike, Reggie and that persistent Tall Man :: Saturday Horror Movie Double-Featu

The Quiet Ones and Phantasm IV: Oblivion :: Saturday Horror Movie Double-Feature

As we near the end of August and head into the spookiest season of all (just wait until October, we may overdose you readers on horror double-features), we ended our… 2,177 more words


My Top 300 Movies :: 226-230

226. Brick

A fantastic modern take on the film noir genre set in Orange County, California, in and around the area I grew up in. The fast-paced, intelligent and witty dialogue is tremendous, as is some of the stellar cast, especially Joseph Gordon-Levitt (always a favorite), Lukas Haas, Nora Zehetner and Matt O’Leary. 379 more words


They Came from Beyond Space and Divorce American Style :: His and Hers Drive-In Feature (1967)

They Came from Beyond Space and Divorce American Style :: His and Hers Drive-In Feature (1967)

Back again, the feature that might abduct you, but it just won’t die, this edition of His and Hers Double Feature features two films from 1967. 2,157 more words


2000 :: The year in movies :: Throwback Thursday

Almost Famous (2000)

2000 :: The Year In Movies
Throwback Thursday

For part two of 2000’s Throwback Thursday feature is my Top 10 movies of 2000. 1,001 more words


Staycation Recap

My little staycation is coming to a close today.  Hubby finally returns home later tonight, after his first flight from Asia was cancelled due to mechanical issues, and he was forced to spend another night there on Wednesday night.  946 more words


My Top 300 Movies :: 221-225

221. Wicker Park

A moody and mysterious film that is loaded with memories, a movie I saw while visiting Chicago during a moody and mysterious time in my life. 458 more words


My Top 300 Movies :: 216-220

216. Blue Valentine

My heart broke watching the story of Cindy and Dean unfold and fall apart, and it left an ache in me that I can still feel as I recall the story. 460 more words