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“Not So Evil” Sidecast #18 Big Budget Turkeys

Welcome back to the monthly dissection of movies with a common theme.

This month we start with a little catch up welcoming back Jeff & Iris to the rotation by spending a few opening minutes getting their 1st Horror Movie recollections (a continuation from October’s episode). 192 more words

Cinema Beef Podcast #57 : Rabid Heroes and Incestuous Sheep

Lock your doors and put up that wall, Cinema Beef rides again with some campy ass shit.  I am joined by James Cox of the Who Filmed This Shit Podcast and we got some real winners this time.   167 more words


Working Girl: A Bod For Sin - Get Of My Podcast #13

Harrison Ford drops back into a supporting role for Working Girl. This may be the point in Harrison’s career when he decides that going for more pop roles is what the public wants from him, so he obliges. 114 more words

Harrison Ford

Cinema Beef Podcast #56 : So Bad It’s Good

Happy Halloween  from Cinema Beef!  I am joined by Doug Tilley and Bo Ransdell as we discuss our picks for films that are so bad they are good!   119 more words


“Not So Evil” Sidecast #17 First Horror Movie Watched!

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the “Not So Evil” Sidecast is back!

As our 17th episode falls on the month of October, we saw only fit to tie in a horror theme to this episode, but how would we make this a unique experience for our listeners? 185 more words

Frantic - The Harrison Ford Peen: Get Off My Podcast #12

It’s 1988 and Harrison Ford is nude. Well, sorta. All kinds of little crazy things happen to Dr. Richard Walker in Frantic. We talk about the film and what it meat for Harrison. 112 more words

Harrison Ford

The Main Damie Podcast - Night of the Creeps

The Main Damie podcast returns with our discussion of Night of the Creeps.  We start off with update each other on our Octobers, which includes Dan’s trip to the New York Comic Con and being star-struck by adult film actress April O’Neill.   38 more words