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Calvary Review

Sometimes, concept is everything. The film begins in a confessional where the confessor tells a priest that he was raped and abused by a minister when he was a child, but can not seek revenge because the man is dead. 425 more words


Made In America

Ted Danson used to be charming. I’ve always been a fan of Whoopi. LOVE HER. And any movie in which Will Smith is a mere supporting role is a good movie in my book. 33 more words

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Movie Review: Boyhood

Getting back into the habit of posting reviews is important to me, especially considering how often I go to the cinemas these days. I’m still fairly new to the review thing, so bear with me as I improve my writing and reviewing! 416 more words


The Talented Mr. Ripley

I’m not a big Matt Damon fan. I don’t dislike him by any means. I could take him or leave him really. He’s certainly not the kind of actor that makes me think, “Oh! 100 more words

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Movie Review: Maleficent

Directed by: Robert Stromberg

Written by: Linda Woolverton (but has based the story from “La Belle au bois dormant”, “Little Briar Rose”, and the motion picture “Sleeping Beauty”) 426 more words

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BBC 3 Counties: dedicated iPlayer page.

In addition to being added in the previous post, last Saturday’s reviews for BBC 3 Counties can be found on it’s own page on iPlayer! Simply click the link above to go to the page.

James Luxford

The Shining

The first time I watched The Shining I was WAY to young to be watching The Shining. I didn’t understand anything that was going on. I just remember feeling generally terrified the entire time. 94 more words

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