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East vs West 2: Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs The Raid 2

God that’s a long title. Anyway welcome to the 2nd edition of East vs West. Well I didn’t actually have a 1st East vs West but I think my… 1,874 more words

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T for Thanmathra

When Padmarajan and Bharathan left for their heavenly abode; a chasm was created in Malayalam cinema. As comedy and action-filled pot-boilers gained prevalence. The lovers of serious cinema were left disappointed. 336 more words

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BBC Oxford: Easter Special; BBC 3 Counties: 19/04/2014

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A Good Friday special for BBC Oxford with me and David Prever- reviewing “The Amazing Spider-man 2″, “Locke”, and “The Love Punch”, plus reviews and events around Oxford… 9 more words

James Luxford

EntertainmentWise: "Locke" & "The Love Punch" reviews

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“the type of movie we wish there were more of”

“likeable stars, charming locations, but nothing to say”

James Luxford

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I really wished that this movie was as great as the trailer promised…But it wasn`t.  Instead, it was a bit too long and a bit too boring. 172 more words

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Divergent was a movie I thought I should see, just in case it ended up being decent like The Hunger Games. Though I also ran the risk of it easily going down the road of being so-bad-it’s-good, like Twilight. 289 more words

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S for Sargam and Spadikam

I am rushing to finish this as I am starved for time; will keep the movie-descriptions as precise and concise as possible.

‘Sargam’ - ‘Tune/Rhythm’ 665 more words

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