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Throwback Thursday Part III-The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin is an icon. His movies are watched and re-watched time and again.

One of his greatest movies, (to this fan’s opinion at at least), is… 209 more words

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2014 Summer Movie Review: Hercules

There have been several movies featuring the legendary demigod Hercules. One of the most well-known versions was the 1997 animated film from Disney. Although I’ve seen bits and pieces of that version, it still gave me the knowledge about the origins of Hercules. 404 more words


The Galactic Challenge: Marvel's Gaurdians of the Galaxy

If you are planning on going to the movies this weekend, one candidate that has probably caught your attention is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. 533 more words

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Review of "Captain America: The First Avenger"

To appropriate and reword a line from a rival comic book movie, Captain America is the hero we need, but not the one we deserve right now. 797 more words

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Movie Review: 'Child's Play' (1988)

“Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna Play?”

Quickie Review:

Not very scary, but a little entertaining. 

Extended Review:

As a kid the look of this movie always intrigued me, something about the doll and not being allowed to watch the violent horror movie always had me wanting to watch it and at long last I finally did. 379 more words


Dom Hamingway



Я знаю о чем все подумали – сразу скажу,  герой не имеет нималейшего отношения з Эрнесту Хемингуею (Хемингвею? Хемингуейу?) даже близко не стоял.


Thankful Thursday 7-31-14

Suddenly it’s the last day of July – where did the month go? I know there are back-to-school sales starting already and people thinking about the end of summer, but I, for one, am glad we’ve got weeks left till it cools down. 632 more words