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Movie review: 'The Jackal'

With “The Day of the Jackal” one of my all-time favorite novels and a top-notch thriller as a film, it was with trepidation that went to see “ 982 more words

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Zero Dark Thirty ☆☆☆☆

Story: Based on true events, this is the tale of the post 9/11 pursuit and eventual killing of Osama bin Laden by the US government. 134 more words

Movie Review

‘If I Stay’ stirring for different reason

Two stars on the rise: Chloë Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley. (Photo courtesy of MGM)

I tend to be a very sentimental person. A friend once described me as someone who cried at “dog food commercials.” 573 more words

‘Expendables 3’ drops far after first scenes

According to the box office, the antics in ‘Expandables 3’ wears thin. (Photo courtesy of Millennium Films)

The opening moments of “The Expendables 3” are quite exciting. 561 more words

My review of Lucy

It sounds like I’m bitching but I was thoroughly entertained in many ways.


Note: I couldn’t take any scene seriously because I watched this parody trailer beforehand.

The Fault In Our Stars - My thoughts On The Movie

i never really thought that in my Life, i would ever feel something so deep and personal… especially for mere fiction. But as i write this post; real tears fall from my eyes. 156 more words


The Fault in Our Stars

Movies don’t make me cry. Plain and simple. At least not since I saw Free Willy when I was 6. And that was more more than 20 years ago. 455 more words

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