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Retro movie review: Body Double [1984]

United States
114 minutes
Directed by Brian De Palma
Starring Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith, Gregg Henry, Deborah Shelton

Brian De Palma, the modern master of suspense, invites you to witness a seduction, a mystery, a murder… 894 more words

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Black and White and Redone All Over - Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

It’s fitting that the coda to this improbable comic book movie summer, in which we’ve seen X-Men casts collide and talking trees and raccoons take the box office by storm, should be a trip back to a trailblazer of yesteryear. 1,249 more words

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Sick Nights, Scary Movies

Hey internet people! I, the prodigal blogger, have finally returned to you! I suck at blogging. A lot. But I love it…. I know, I know, I make no sense whatsoever. 535 more words


Genre Grandeur - Freedom Writers (2007)

For our next entry for this month’s Genre Grandeur – War, here’s a review of Freedom Writers (2007) by Kim of Tranquil Dreams.  Her site is filled with movie reviews, travel pics and great recipes.  678 more words

Genre Grandeur

Kim @ Tranquil Dreams reblogged this and commented:

This month's Genre Grandeur theme is war movies over at MovieRob. I'm not much of war movie person so I sat around thinking about what to write. After switching around in the last minute, I thought about Freedom Writers. I know that I had another review about it before but it is one of my favorite movies and one I find is underrated so I never give up on a chance to lets others hear about it. Its not a conventional war movie for sure but I promise I do give it a far reasoning as to why it is one. If you would like to join in on MovieRob's Genre Grandeur for this month, he is still accepting reviews till August 27th. And give him a follow if you haven't already, Rob writes awesome reviews. Plus, you should check out the Hitchcock blogathon that he and another blogger, Zoe at The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger has going on right now. As always, a huge thanks to Rob for putting this together :)

Friday Fact: Interval in Movies

Interval in Movies

The recent Tamil movie Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam covered many aspects of Indian Cinema and there was an interesting piece on Interval blocks in Indian Cinema. 625 more words

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Film Friday #194

The Inbetweeners 2 (2014)

After realising that their lives post school are a bit shit, Will (Simon Bird), Neil (Blake Harrison) and Simon (Joe Thomas) decide to join Jay (James Buckley) on his gap year in Australia. 1,070 more words


Movie review: 'Joe Kidd'

Clint Eastwood is synonymous with both westerns and crime films so today I’ll focus on his effort from 1972 called “Joe Kidd.” It’s a standard western by his standards but does have two distinct differences: a celebrated war film director (John Sturges) as well as the black belt who would co-star with Bruce Lee a year later in “ 1,096 more words

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