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Ziggy Thunder Review: Think Like a Man 2 with Kevin Hart! Check Out this Trailer.

First of all… let me start off by saying that if you haven’t seen the first “Think¬†Like A Man” movie, you’re CRAZY and need to go see it ASAP! ¬† 392 more words

Ziggy Thunder

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Kevin Hart is hilarious in this movie and I so regret not seeing the first ... well actually kind of skim through the first movie

Sin City: A Review to Kill For

Written by Ed Sum and James Robert Shaw

E: Perhaps it’s wise to see Sin City first before seeing the second film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. 870 more words


Lucy - Film Review

Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), an American student in China, is forced to becoming a drug mule for Chinese criminals. While being held captive she is exposed to the drug which gives her access to a rising percentage of her brain capacity. 461 more words

Film Reviews

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No offense but I kinda fell asleep in the theater watching movie. I just couldn't get into it

The Giver

I first read The Giver in grade school, and it has since been in my top three favorite books of all time. Naturally, my expectations were extremely high for the film, especially when I heard who was all going to be in it. 851 more words

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If I Stay (2014) Review

Based off the bestselling book ‘If I Stay‘ by Gayle Forman is the story of Mia, a cellist who finds herself in a relationship with Adam (a guitarist), who ends up in a coma after an accident. 567 more words

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"Get On Up" Review - "I Feel GOOD!"

Perhaps one of the most influential and most eccentric individuals to be part of music history, James Brown has left behind quite the legacy. Dubbed “the Godfather of Soul”, the man had a huge effect on music and pop culture as we know it, and one should look no further than today’s musicians to see his how far his influence has reached. 665 more words

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The Big Knife is a sensational depiction of the movie business along the lines of Sunset Boulevard. But while Nora Desmond delusionally vied to force her way back into the movie business that left her behind, … 539 more words

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