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#TBT: The Usual Suspects: Truth From So Many Angles (DVD Review)

At Hollywood Jesus, we’re doing a month-long look at our favorite indie films. Here’s another of my favorites, this time a crime noir about a mismatched band of thieves who find themselves tangled in a bigger conspiracy. 516 more words

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Lucy (Review)- "The Most Bonkers film this summer"


Quite often, the act of giving a star rating to a film is made instantly redundant. For here is a film that I loved, yet have a sneaking suspicion that the majority of the people reading this will absolutely hate it. 799 more words

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Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon - Family Plot (1976) - Tranquil Dreams

For the 53rd and FINAL review in our Alfred Hitchcock blogathon, here’s a review of Family Plot by Kim from Tranquil Dreams.

Thanks Kim for taking part! 550 more words

Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon

Kim @ Tranquil Dreams reblogged this and commented:

Head on over to check out my entry into MovieRob and The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger's Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon. My choice was Hitchcock's last film, Family Plot. I haven't seen much of Hitchcock's works except for the really famous few: The Birds, Psycho and Vertigo, so this was pretty much a completely new experience for me. A huge thanks to Rob and Zoe for putting this together! Also, remember to check out their blogs and if you don't follow them, remember to do so because they have lots of fantastic posts to offer :)

Trollhunter (2010)

In 1999 the found-footage genre burst onto the movie scene with the release of The Blair Witch Project. For the last 15 years the genre has been a bastion for cheap horror films which use pseudo-realism as a substitute for well-crafted suspense. 535 more words


Movie review: 'The Jackal'

With “The Day of the Jackal” one of my all-time favorite novels and a top-notch thriller as a film, it was with trepidation that went to see “ 982 more words

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Top Three Prison-Themed Movies

So I have to choose between writing about spy thrillers with a terrible spy movie coming out, or horror movies with a terrible looking horror movie coming out…oh joy…which to pick which to – wait, there’s a little known incredibly limited release prison movie coming out tomorrow too?! 589 more words

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Meaningful 2009 Year Movie - Dirt! The Movie Review

A have a look at man’s relationship with Dust. Meaningful Dirt! The Movie Grime and humans could not be nearer. We started our journey collectively as stardust, swirled by cosmic forces into our galaxy, solar system, and planet. 201 more words

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