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Noah - Not A Children's Story

And I like it that way! True, much of what’s in the film isn’t in the Bible, but who cares right? Aronofsky wasn’t lying when he said this would be the least Biblical film ever made, so he wasn’t trying to deceive anyone. 557 more words

Backseat Critique- The (Un) Amazing Spider-Man 2

Hagan, Sarah and Robyn saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Their first actions after this vlog was to convince the rest of the minions not to bother going to see it (true story)

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Movie Review - The Great Beauty

Hollywood should be grateful that the movie wasn’t from its own because if it had been I’m sure it’d have bagged Oscars in all categories like cinematography, music, art direction etc. 532 more words

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Movie Review - Mystic River

Guilt is the one word which could be used to completely summarize the whole film. Almost all of Eastwood’s film have this as its universal theme. 652 more words

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Get Ready To Be Creeped The F*ck Out! // Tell Short Film Review

Plot Synopsis:

Tortured by guilt, Taylor (Todd Bruno) seeks to hide his sin in hopes that it will become another dirty little secret. However, as he begins to see menacing visions and the line between reality and paranoia becomes blurred, his plans quickly unravel. 975 more words

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True Detective : Dark and Frenzy

One has to be very stupid enough to watch tv series , that was my assumption towards the people who watched tv series and bragged how cool the series and they can’t get enough of it. 749 more words

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MOVIE REVIEWS (2014): L. Blamire's (2004) The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Summary (the TLDR Version)

The will-to-kitsch represents on the one hand a thoughtful person’s attempt to live in a world of faecal cultural offerings but on the other (and for the same reason) an annihilation of the impulse to artistic resistance to those unpalatable offerings. 1,960 more words

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