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My favorite Hans Zimmer movie scores

Written by Giorgio Ramos

In light of the recent news that long time composer and music producer Hans Zimmer will score the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, along with three other highly anticipated films this year. 174 more words


Movie Score Sunday's: The Social Network

So…my third installment is kind of an obvious one-but can you fault me?

The Social Network is my favorite movie that David Fincher has done to date. 151 more words


Movie Score Sunday's: How to Train Your Dragon

Second week in and I’m already talking about one of my favorite scores of all time! I thought there was a lot to love about Dreamworks’s How to Train Your Dragon (full discretion-I loved it a hell of a lot more than I loved Toy Story 3) and I also thought there was a lot of the film that got panned. 284 more words


Media Observation - Brand Recognition in TV and Movies

Dun, du-dun dunnnn, dun du-dunnnnnnn.

That was Indiana Jones. Did you get it?

If you did, it’s because of some really powerful branding, done through one of the most emotionally based media available: music. 205 more words

What I Think About What I See

Movie Score Sundays-Captain America: The Winter Soldier

So this is my new thing. I LOVE movie scores. Love, love, love them. I have an entire Spotify playlist dedicated to my favorite (my longest playlist too). 133 more words


Music to Write To

Ah, music. It inspires us, helps to pull us into a story (whether our own or someone else’s) and doesn’t let go. If ever you doubt the power of music, just watch the Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader fight from… 416 more words

Writing Style

Where the golden oldies meet the glowing goldies!

This week on the JT Movie Podcast: abs, boobs, pensioners, aliens and Steve Guttenberg – something for everyone, surely. After a lengthy discussion on the finest movie scores thanks to maaaaany listener contributions, there’s a review of the guilty pleasure 300: Rise of an Empire. 95 more words