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Movie Score Sunday's: How to Train Your Dragon

Second week in and I’m already talking about one of my favorite scores of all time! I thought there was a lot to love about Dreamworks’s How to Train Your Dragon (full discretion-I loved it a hell of a lot more than I loved Toy Story 3) and I also thought there was a lot of the film that got panned. 284 more words


Media Observation - Brand Recognition in TV and Movies

Dun, du-dun dunnnn, dun du-dunnnnnnn.

That was Indiana Jones. Did you get it?

If you did, it’s because of some really powerful branding, done through one of the most emotionally based media available: music. 205 more words

What I Think About What I See

Movie Score Sundays-Captain America: The Winter Soldier

So this is my new thing. I LOVE movie scores. Love, love, love them. I have an entire Spotify playlist dedicated to my favorite (my longest playlist too). 133 more words


Music to Write To

Ah, music. It inspires us, helps to pull us into a story (whether our own or someone else’s) and doesn’t let go. If ever you doubt the power of music, just watch the Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader fight from… 416 more words

Writing Style

Where the golden oldies meet the glowing goldies!

This week on the JT Movie Podcast: abs, boobs, pensioners, aliens and Steve Guttenberg – something for everyone, surely. After a lengthy discussion on the finest movie scores thanks to maaaaany listener contributions, there’s a review of the guilty pleasure 300: Rise of an Empire. 95 more words


Writing Music

Whenever I sit down to write anything I always have to spend time choosing music to write to. Many people say this is bad and you should just focus on writing, but I always need something to be playing in the background. 408 more words

Five Friday Favorites - Movie Scores

In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, I thought I’d start the ball rolling with movie-related themes, so here are Five Favorite Movie Scores. Now, these are just simply some of my favorites, ones that I find myself humming after I’ve heard them, or singing along to when I’m in the car on my own – I’m not claiming that they are the five best! 58 more words