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Photo Shoot For Fashion

Hey tween girls I love fashion so much that yesterday my brother took photos of me wearing different outfits in some of my favorite fashion genres. 174 more words


Chapter 1.4- Eye of the Beholder

As a teen, Callie started to become a little self conscious about her appearance. She was constantly surrounding herself with famous figures. Most were beautiful movie stars, who looked so much prettier than herself.  15 more words

Movie Star

Chapter 1.3- Stars in her eyes

Callie knew she wanted to be a movie star early in her childhood. She’d spend hours upon hours rehearsing different parts for her stuffed animals. She could be anything she wanted; a queen, a witch, or even an astronaut! 55 more words

Movie Star

Chapter 1.2- Working Hard

Being a single mom, money was often hard to come by. Caroline worked at the grocery store for 9 am to 12 am, but it still wasn’t enough to support her small child. 23 more words

Movie Star

Chapter 1.1- Beginnings of Callie Raine

Callie Raine was born in the small island town of Isla Paradiso. Her father left before she was born, leaving her mother, Caroline, a single mom. 15 more words

Movie Star

It's Hard Work To Be Barbie

While I was preparing dinner last night, my daughter and I had one of our deep conversations about toys and life and things that just matter for her at the moment. 435 more words