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Garbo: Her Run-In with Leo the Lion

In 1925, Greta Garbo signed a contract with Louis B. Mayer’s MGM studios and came to the United States from Sweden with her director/mentor Maurice Stiller. 301 more words


Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Taylor Donovan was an up and coming lawyer trying to make partner when she will be given a task that will be her biggest challenge yet, babysitting a movie star.

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Mia Farrow: More Than The Sum of Her Parts

For those of you who have never seen it, tis’ the season to rent Rosemary’s Baby (1968). The titular horror movie of the late 60’s holds up better than almost any horror movie of it’s time, aside from Psycho (1960) of course. 673 more words


RIP Elizabeth Pena

This was a great actress. ¬†Elizabeth Pena died this past Tuesday from natural causes at the age of 55. ¬†55 seems a little too young to say it was natural causes, but I am not a doctor or forensic expert so I’m going to go with their findings. ¬† 88 more words


Three To Want To Be (2014)

1. Like a sports figure.
2. Like a movie star.
3. Like yourself.
As you are-
You can travel far.