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Coachella: The Land of Celebrity Endorsements and Fringed Booties

As many of you know (or have seen on Twitter/Instagram/insert social media platform here), Coachella happened this weekend.  Coachella is a music festival in the heart of celeb-heavy California, and is better known for the odd sartorial choices of its attendees than the musical guests it features (though it does attract stars such as Beyonce and Avicii to perform!). 140 more words



Okay, time for some toilet talk. 

Toilets in Japan.

A cleansing jet of water designed to clean the anus of the user in this bidet-style toilet. 269 more words

The immense contribution of Italian immigrants to America: Part IV

World War II brought tremendous effects to the Italian American communities. As an ally of Germany and Japan,, Italy declared war on the United States in 1941. 881 more words

New York

Edward Norton puts the fun into fundraising

Running the New York City Marathon is no easy feat. Try convincing 29 friends — including three Maasai warriors and Canadian pop icon Alanis Morissette — to join you for the gruelling 42.1 kilometres, all the while raising $1.2 million for African wilderness conservation using a website you invented with your friends. 634 more words


Gary Busey Loves...Amazon Fire?

The seemingly-slightly-unhinged Gary Busey is pushing Amazon’s new $99 Fire TV set.  In the new commercial, Gary plays off his “unhinged maniac” reputation, talking to various inanimate objects in his home before talking to the Amazon Fire device – which follows his command, finding all Gary Busey movies in its database for him to watch. 63 more words


Love and Hisses - 1938 Sceen Book Movie Ad

This a great graphical ad for the movie “Hugs and Hisses” with Simone Simon.  I love the layout which uses the space in an eye-catching way.   25 more words


The Stars Burn Away: 1st Iteration

Astronomy 101: stars have a finite amount of fuel, which they continue to burn throughout their life cycle. No matter how long they exist, at some point they exhaust this fuel, and cease to exist. 744 more words