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Go to the movies solo

The other weekend I had the house to myself. While I was excited to laze around in my pajamas and watch whatever I wanted on TV, I was even more pumped for a night out by myself to see a movie. 311 more words

Advice On Moving

Judge closes Holmes’ hearing around specific jury questions

AURORA | Another hearing in the James Holmes case — this one focused on the jury questionnaire — will be closed to the public, a judge ruled Wednesday. 171 more words

Twelve-year-old sneaks into PG-13 rated movie

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has set strict age guidelines based on the theme and content of movies. Despite the numerous indicators and warnings that PG-13 rated movies may contain inappropriate material for ages 12 and younger, local 12-year-old, Mark Morant, devised an elaborate and illegal plan for not only entering, but viewing, a PG-13 rated movie. 455 more words

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what vagary is this?!?!

to eldest daughter, h. remember the time we were in the store and saw the matching socks and bought them because they were so odd and decided to change our plans, and instead wore them to the giant multi-plex theater, and bought a massive tub of popcorn and keg o’ soda and raisinets and paid for the first movie, but snuck into the others and spent the day there, laughing and watching and feeling like happy criminals? just wondered. 



Top 10 Films Of Spring And Summer 2014!

As the weather heats up so does the entertainment. After a long winter, even adults are looking to indulge in a little fun!

Outdoor performance venues and parks become season staples, and with the release of summer films many… 723 more words