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Movies and Cinema - A Generation's Escape

In this third segment, we will be diving into the world of movies and cinema. Although the differences between then and now are not inherently apparent, movies have evolved greatly over time. 764 more words

Episode 12 Of The DryHumpCast Is Out...To Screw You Over

Episode 12 brings us talk of political ads we can’t escape, street brawls, car accidents, pan handling, and bad people in general. We also get around to discussing what we’ve been watching, each other’s viewing assignments, season premiers of… 54 more words


Reasons Why People Go To The Movies Rather Then Staying Home And Watching Netflix

People still go to the movies in a day and age when we have things like Netflix, On-Demand, and other similar applications. These applications allow them to watch movies right from home. 388 more words


Power Surge

Movie #85 of the year, St. Vincent.
About forty-five minutes into the movie the screen went dark. The audio kept rolling for a minute, but then that stopped. 129 more words

Random Thought #11

You know how when you get a coffee at some places (the types of places where you literally order “a coffee” and not a venti triple espresso drip skim mocha whatever) and they ask, “room for cream?” 67 more words

Looking for something different to do?

Try Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar. It is open again, and it looks cool! I am ready to go try it out, and I am so ADD that I have a hard time sitting still during an entire movie. 22 more words

Adult Fun

Dracula: Untold (spoilers!)

Starring Luke Evans. I only know of him from “The Hobbit”, but it seems as though he is making his way through the ranks. Looking at imdb.com, he’s been in a lot, but nothing fantastic. 211 more words

Amateur Movie Critic