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Holidayin' - A liberating view on life after a week off

Today’s post consists of addressing my week-long absence in the blogging arena (not that I’ve been exactly that constant with my postings, boo le hoo hoo). 466 more words


[CINEMA] 2013 du meilleur documentaire africaine Premiere de Ninah Dowry en déplacement.

Tant attendu et le cinéma documentaire africain le plus excitant de la  Ninah Dowry , serait créée au Cameroun à partir de Mars 2015 à Avril 2015… 184 more words


[CINEMA] 2013 best African documentary Ninah's Dowry Premiere on the move

Long awaited and most thrilling African documentary film Ninah’s Dowry, would be premiered in Cameroon starting from March , 2015 to April , 2015… 156 more words


Rain Man

Heavy rain, which may lead to flash flooding, is expected to continue today.

Sometimes its good to be prepared !!


Three Colours: Batman

Throwing up in a shopping centre toilet while dressed in the Batsuit was not the first of my encounters with the Caped Crusader. Over the years, Gotham’s protector and I have crossed paths many times – probably the most depressing being that my only real memory of my maternal grandfather is him, in his wheelchair (he suffered from MS), trying to talk to me while I completely ignored him so I could watch an episode of the 1960s Batman TV series. 736 more words

[VIDEO] La N6 Cameroonian dance crew in Belgium showcases new Choreography techniques to the world.

Four in number and all students, from +237 based in Belgium welcome the 2015 year in a grand style. The dance crew which is also made of rappers and singer has been existing for some years now and is gradually gaining momentum with their home and foreign fans. 73 more words

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A date’s been set to confirm Game Of Thrones UK return this April 13th.

Based on the book series by George R.R. Martin, this will be the fifth series of the award winning fantasy drama. 19 more words

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