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Canal 2 | Bara Extravaganza qui sera diffusée chaque mercredi sur Canal 2

L’industrie de divertissement au Cameroun est aussi confus comme une forme un étudiant. Cela est dû au fait, les Camerounais dépend trop sur les produits étrangers, en particulier celle de leurs frères voisins, ce qui va un long chemin à tuer les marchés domestiques et ses produits. 961 more words


Canal 2|Bara Extravaganza to be aired every wednesday on Canal 2

The entertaining industry in Cameroon is as confused as a form one fox. This is due to the fact, Cameroonians depends too much on foreign products, especially that of their neighbouring brothers, which goes a long way to kill the home markets and her products. 782 more words


Thrill Seeker

I love theme parks and all of the rides they have. I am, of course, a thrill seeker. Although I’m the really amusing kind, I’m always changing my mind. 457 more words

Just A Few Of The Random Things I Do To Fill In The Time


Caught the first show of Station and after watching the movie, the first question that popped into my mind was this: How the fuck did you guys pull off shooting at such locations dead in the night? 634 more words

Movie World

The Essential Guide to WB's Movie World

As much as one would wish theme parks are near by impossible to experience in one day. The only hope you have of being completely satisfied with your day, without having a massive ache to go back tomorrow, is to know all the insider tips. 706 more words



Music connects the souls. That’s what people say anyways. But it does, it really does! Music, in a way, allows you the freedom to express and to start things over. 516 more words

Movie World


This is a movie with an awesome sense of entertainment. You have to live during the movie, die with the characters and repeat with the screenplay. 478 more words

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