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Événements: 3ème édition du Cameroon Movies Awards à l'angle

Comme Twinkle Twinkle Little étoiles scintillantes les cœurs des décideurs et des cinéphiles camerounais, voici la 3e édition du prestigieux Awards CAMMovies 2014.

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Events : 3rd edition of Cameroon Movies Awards at the corner

Like twinkle twinkle little stars twinkling the hearts of Cameroonian film makers and fans, here comes the 3rd edition of the prestigious CAMMovies Awards 2014. 110 more words


Nouveau Audio: Pardon C - Wereya Easy ft Yati

Son nom tendances sur toutes les affiches dans la diaspora comme le jeune et prometteur femme africaine Eminem, en raison de ses raps et des effets de torsion sur le micro. 75 more words

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New Vdeo: Daddy Cool ina de place FOR DEY Official video

What ever it takes, the night must come and sun must still shine. Vzone Music presents the official video release of For Dey by Daddy Cool, pruduced by… 36 more words

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New Vdeo: Shawmey Locko - Perfect girl ft Numerica

Bang Bang Bang!!!!! on every world wide dance floor is the new latest afro pop Jamiancan instrument video release, Perfect Girl by Shawmey Locko ft Numeric, Mr. 40 more words



Marriage, in most sense, is a socially recognized union between two people that establishes rights and duties between them, including their children and their in-laws. And in most cases, that union doesn’t last for a very long time. 456 more words

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Gold Coast: WB, Sea World, and Wet n Wild!

Holaaaa….!! Winter telah berganti spring, dan saya belum menuntaskan tulisan tentang liburan ke Gold Coast kemarin. Haiyaaah…. Tapi, mubazir kan kalo salah satu perjalanan paling menyenangkan di Australia ini kalo gak ketulis :) 1,519 more words

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