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A Movie I Saw With My Other Sister



I don’t usually go to the cinema because I can’t always hear all of the dialogue. (I am slowly going deaf) However in this particular theatre I heard enough dialogue to get the gist of the movie. 306 more words

Now You See Him: Richard Linklater's Boyhood

Imagine that you have a superpower for accelerating time at whim, for making decades pass in the span of hours. Imagine now that your superpower is actually just extreme diligence, and that you are the director Richard Linklater. 1,712 more words

Waltz With Bashir

(Third and last installment of a series of three articles about the situation in the Middle-East, with focus on Israël. This article was first published on August 14, 2010 on my now defunct blog “Sincerely Yours”) 1,366 more words


I watched Sin City: A dame to kill for

This should come out on a “recut & extended edition” DVD so you can watch it as shorts. I’m sure it’s waaaay better reformatted that way.


Film and Handball 😍

Hey people!

Today, I have done much differently. First, I met a friend on the bus and we were going to the cinema to watch a movie! 147 more words

My Day!

21 days challenge - day 10

Day ten – What is your favorite movie?

Hmm.. let me think.

I am not that much into movies, I prefer books. Or better said I don’t like to watch movies alone. 141 more words