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Happily Busy

To all my readers and subscribers – as you know, I’ve dropped out of the grid for these past few weeks and do apologize for  not responding to your comments and not visiting your blogs. 239 more words


My Review: Missing William

Real-life married couple, Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford, star in this 2011 independent movie based on friendship, commitment and mental illness.

After Abby’s (Courtney Ford) husband suffers a head injury, she finds herself caring for her ailing husband 24/7. 128 more words

Writer's Corner

No Greater Love

by Kyle Prohaska, Contributing Writer No Greater Love 803 more words

Flag of My Father - DVD


Dove Review: Family Approved 12+

She needed honor and courage on the battlefield and at home

Serving her country is an honor for Judith, an army nurse whose Vietnam veteran father taught her the importance of sacrifice. 85 more words


Mission Air - DVD



Dove Review: Family Approved 12+

Release date: 10/21/2014


Can faith alone bring Sophie home safely?

Mission Air – Mother and son, Diane and Michael Ireland have just completed another successful medical mission trip to Mexico.   240 more words


Went to see Chef with my mom today. Once I got passed all the f-word usage it was a great movie. It reminded me that sometimes what we see as the end of the road is actually the beginning of an even better journey!