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Back in (Orphan) Black

Being addicted to TV shows while trying to write a novel is a futile endeavor. That’s why I have a rule: Follow no more than three series at a time. 367 more words

Eric J Baker

Top 5 Classical 'Toons

To keep in line with the spirit of StayClassical, this week’s post explores the use of classical music in cartoons. Early cartoons (let’s say 1930s-50s) featured extensive, and effective I might add, use of classical music. 350 more words

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'Being There' - A fairly solid depressing tale but not an overly satisfying one.

I don’t mind the odd depressing tale, but when its done so meakishly that you pity EVERYTHING in the world including every character except our protagonist Chance, it becomes an almost Sci Fi movie. 366 more words

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Tuesday Cinema Club: Noah

It feels like  a long time since I went to the cinema, in fact it must only be a couple of weeks. There didn’t seem to be much of a choice, a lull before the summer blockbusters are released? 239 more words

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I Brought You Flours

It’s raining today. I hate rain. For anyone who likes rain, I mean no disrespect, but rainy days just suck. Sitting outside and soaking up some vitamin D while I read or listen to music is my favorite way to enjoy the weekend, so when it’s gross outside, I quickly become depressed and lethargic. 283 more words

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