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No Reflection

Clint Eastwood’s new film American Sniper has become a sensation after having the best wide-distribution opening weekend for a drama ever. Warner Brothers had rushed the film into limited release in December, to qualify for the upcoming Oscars, and then put it in regular release in January, instead of waiting for its originally scheduled release in December 2015. 1,012 more words

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Dolly ki doly Review

A girl from Delhi, fake name Dolly, marries to the groom and on the first night she makes the whole family of groom drink drug added milk and then rob the house. 64 more words

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Baby Review

Due to continuous terrorist attack, Indian government started a secret program named Baby and put it in trial for 5 year. The story is about catching the wanted terrorist Mohammad. 52 more words

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Grandly Idiosyncratic

It’s unusual for a movie released in the summer to have the legs necessary to pick up Oscar nominations in January. The last film to win Best Picture after being release before September was… 880 more words

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Sons of Anarchy, this is the end...

Вот и закончилась эта эпопея… сказать, что я впечатлен – ничего не сказать. Хотя, мысли путаются конечно. Слишком… Все это уж слишком. Конец этого сериала… ну, собственно, весь последний сезон, можно сказать, слишком откровенный, жестокий, грустный, но… черт подери, логичный.


The Identical, DVD and in Theaters–A Review

The Identical came out in theaters in early September. You may have heard about it. Christian Critics went a little batty. I never understood why, and specifics weren’t given, but they didn’t care for the actors – or they didn’t think the film was ‘Christian’ enough, or? 735 more words


Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010) Review

Over the holidays, I searched for a unique Christmas movie—something I hadn’t seen. The usual American classics, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (1989) and A Christmas Story… 240 more words

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