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10 movie news updates, what to see this weekend

By Brian Frosti

It’s that time of the week again!  Since you all enjoyed the last post so much, we thought we’d do another. Give the people what they want.  886 more words

Movies & TV

Review: Constantine – “Danse Vaudou”

Time for conclusions. Constantine is like The X-Files when they had a “freak of the week” episode. You know, a week when Scully and Mulder forgot about the Cigarette Smoking Man and alien invasions and decided to check out the weird dude in “small town” USA who was experiencing problems of the supernatural kind. 481 more words

TV Shows

Steve Carell Takes On 'Shake It Off'

Lets face it. Everyone is a fan of Taylor Swift!

The great Peter Travers of Rolling Stone fame has an interview show where he asked Steve Carell about the music in his head, and… well this shouldn’t surprise anyone. 10 more words


Super Shows

Currently I’m trying to keep up with three TV shows, which is a lot for me. It should be no surprise that all of them are based on comics. 1,026 more words

Movies & TV

guest tbmiwlw: Dazed and (much less) Confused

by guest contributor Kurtis Tarbet

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking my first steelhead fishing trip up north with my good friend Ben. We decided to go up Friday night and stay at his cabin, so we could get an early start in the morning (unfortunately the early bird did not get the worm, so to speak). 253 more words

Arts & Entertainment

The Imitation Game

Director: – Morton Tyldum.

Where to begin with this amazing movie?

It is a great privilege to watch the work of this complete genius. A man so advanced in his experimental work, in producing the first computer, that it gave this country much of the knowledge we have today. 261 more words

Movies / TV

The Gunn Show: This blog is based on true events.

Hey there. Andrew Gunn Here. This week I’ll be talking about my beef with movies that are “based on true events”.

As most people know, I’m a huge sports fan. 633 more words