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Poor man's Rake

One of my favourite TV programs of recent years has been Rake. For those who don’t know it follows the adventures of a dissolute and lecherous Sydney barrister, Cleaver Green. 423 more words

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Sailor Moon Crystal Act II Gets a Solid A

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2, or should I say Act II, aired this morning on CrunchyRoll at 5 am. Two weeks ago I gave the… 411 more words


People Just Do Nothing (BBC Three)

People Just Do Nothing is a thoroughly enjoyable spoof documentary about a Brentford-based drum’n’bass pirate radio station, Kurupt FM, that’s run by a bunch of delusional numpties. 256 more words

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5 Foreign Language Films Every Guy Should See

Foreign language films are oftentimes among the most overlooked cultural treasures we have access to. They’re seen as tedious, of poor quality and generally inferior to their Americanized Hollywood counterparts. 1,096 more words

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Top 10 Worst Superheroes

We all love superheroes – when we were kids we wanted to be like them – actually – I guess we still want to be like them when we are adults! 1,009 more words

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Top 10 Non-Star Trek or Star Wars Aliens

The great thing about creating an alien is that no one has a clue as to what one actually looks like – except, perhaps, for a few Government employees in the Nevada Desert, but that’s a whole other story. 1,845 more words

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I had zero expectations for the movie. All I knew was that it might be music related. Turns out it IS a movie about music and has a pretty good comment on the current state of the music industry. 55 more words