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Catching Up: "Hellraiser"

Many of the older horror films stand out as classics, for various reasons. Those reasons typically hold true many years later. It’s a rarity to find one that doesn’t really fit in with a specific definition of horror, at least for the person who watched the film. 755 more words


Gone Girl - a Basic Bitch of a movie

These days the way you mock conventional boring women is to call them a “basic bitch”. Basic bitches do the things everybody does, wear the clothes everybody does, and so on (they used to be called soccer moms, or stepford wives – it’s a mean old joke that’s forever being rebranded). 463 more words

Who Asked Me

A Change of Face

I have to bite.

I mean, I actually have to write about this.

Renee Zellweger does not look like the girl we knew just a few years ago. 296 more words

Notes From Rumbly Cottage

As Halloween Approaches...

Let me start off by stating that there are a lot of things I dislike about horror movies these days. For one the lack of realism when it comes to elements that seek to scare you are completely lacking these days. 868 more words

The Blank Page

I’m thinking. And thinking. And thinking some more.

I need to write, but the blank page taunts me like a schoolyard bully with a body odor problem. 154 more words


St. Vincent

So let me tell you. A week without my computer seriously sucked. I apologize for not updating last week. But I’m back in business with a good one! 557 more words

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