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Faith in the System

Since March, I’ve been working with a shipping company on this cross-country move. I pack up giant crates; they ship them from one state to the other. 452 more words

Upside Down Kingdom

Not all WiFi works...

I learnt on this trip that just because a hotel has WiFi doesn’t mean it will let you upload.

The past few days will now come trickling in as I make WiFi runs until we are all up to date.

Traveling With Cats

The fourth day: Sidney, Nevada (06/25/14)

We decided to drug Ripley as her meowing was getting out of control.

It did not seem to help much.

The we realized her meowing was dependent on the road we were on. 208 more words

Traveling With Cats

Kitty Commentary (06/24/14)

The bathroom was nice. I got to sit atop the toilet the whole night.


I was nervous, but the lady gave me a cardboard scratcher to work my stress out on. 166 more words

Traveling With Cats

The third day, Holton Kansas (06/24/14)

The drive here was pretty uneventful except that Ripley began her ceaseless commentary.

Her little meows resemble the noise your car makes when you leave the keys in the ignition. 105 more words

Traveling With Cats

Loading the Kitties for the first time

My cats do not travel well.

The last time I took them to the vet is documented in this blog as a litany of bodily functions. 256 more words

Traveling With Cats

The first night: Poland, Ohio

I had a fantastic conversation with a representative from Red Roof Inn.

She helped me line up three hotels that would accept all our animals. 154 more words

Traveling With Cats