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New Routines

For a long time, my evening routine, such as it was, consisted of coming home exhausted, getting on the computer, and staying on it, even if I wasn’t doing anything at all, until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. 292 more words


The Storm That Brews Inside Me

Often times I like to think optimistically that the stormiest days of my life have passed and I now live in a world of contentment and am moving on with my life. 316 more words


Exit 1

There is a stretch of I-95 North, at the edge of South Carolina, that is rough and dead. It feels as though you are not moving at all. 319 more words

Life Negotiations

Being in Transition

Hello Human Being. This is going to be a different kind of post for me. I don’t know, as I open this entry, if I will have a positive message to glean from this situation, but I want to speak on a personal level, in hopes I can work out some of the dark spaces in my heart. 965 more words


Spicegoddess is moving...

As part of Amazing April, Spicegoddess is moving to http://www.spicegoddess.co.za!

To all my awesome and loyal readers thank you for all your comments, feedback and RT of my posts. 24 more words

So a miscalculation of the alcohol content of the next batch of Eve’s Apple Pie slowed us down a bit this week. A quick recalculation and 24 more gallons of pure grain alcohol puts us right back on track! 359 more words


Risky Business

What is your first thought when you hear the word Risk? I know that there is the group of people who will mentally shit their pants at the mention of it and there are others that will get excited by it. 463 more words