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A lesson in resilience

I have always known I am a resilient person, it’s one of my strongest character traits that I’m aware of.

In the past, when someone I knew has passed away (and until losing husband, I had only really lost people when it was expected bar a couple), I always questioned why it didn’t tear me apart. 823 more words

Moving Forwards

The 5 stages of Grief - Stage 5 - Acceptance

You would think this would be the easiest stage to write about but it has been such a complex journey to get here that even I’m confused. 877 more words

Stages Of Grief

500 days of summer - learning from films

Apologies all that I haven’t had time to write recently – mostly because it has been so crazy busy that I haven’t had time to sit still which I guess is a good thing. 442 more words

Moving On

Warning! System critical! - How critical is too critical?

In roller derby, we are striving to do things to the best of our abilities. We turn up, we learn things, we practice things, we keep going until we can do them and we continue to use them in drills and game play. 1,448 more words

Roller Derby

Don't regret, learn!

Sometimes strange thoughts occur when you’re trying to get to sleep. Last week I had an absolute cracker of an idea and I have been trying to figure out the reasons behind and implications of those three simple words that have been bouncing around in my brain since. 837 more words


Dating: Less than 24hrs on OKCupid...

So as some of you know I’m tentatively testing out the big scary world of online dating. I’ve been on OkCupid for probably less than 24 hours and I already feel exhausted by the whole thing! 355 more words

Moving On

Fairytales and the stages of grief

The Kubler-Ross model talks about the five stages of grief as:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

It’s aimed at those whose loved ones have died in order to describe the stages of feelings that they go through, but when you suffer the breakdown of a relationship you go through this same process, and Kubler-Ross did later amend the model to demonstrate that it rings true for rejection, loss of a job and other major life incidents. 760 more words

Moving On