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Am I Mad?

It’s been a while… 43 (soon to be 44) days to be exact.

Lately, things have been one big blur, and I’m currently in the midst of a few critical decisions. 303 more words


Life: Play Nice

In the last few weeks, I have written quite a few blog posts that I haven’t posted; some very deep and emotional, others angry and scathing. 432 more words

BBQ's, water fights, sun and open doors.

There is a strange kind of silence that hangs in the air today, like a mist it hovers filling every corner of every room, after the fun of the weekend my house lays empty. 302 more words


Reflections on Blogging (Blog Entry 14)

Blog Entry 14: Reflections on Blogging

Please write 300-600 words on the following:

(Remember: this post is extra credit, and I strongly encourage you to take advantage of it!) This is our last one for the class–but it doesn’t have to be the end of blogging for  290 more words