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This Is A Story About Moving On

Time is a funny thing. It has this way of wearing down memories until they are like the soft edges of an old photograph — I can still see us on that cloudy gray morning, laughing at nothing at all, but the image no longer cuts into me the way it once did. 518 more words

Letting Go

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I have always had issues letting go of things, even when it was in my best interest. For some reason I have this fear that letting someone go will be a poor decision, one that I will regret. 698 more words

Love And Relationships

After the Fire

Forest fires are scary things.

It can start with a cigarette, campfire or lightening strike. What ignites it doesn’t matter, because it becomes a fire.  Fire doesn’t care what it takes down or where it spreads. 407 more words


I’ve walked these paths with you.
Once, long ago.
We thought we’d walk these streets again.
At least, thought so.

Some things haven’t changed; 199 more words


To Who Once Was My Muse

Dearest muse of mine,

You were the first real thing that made my pencil move to write rhymes. I don’t remember what I wrote, but I… 851 more words



If you think

the new guy

loves you for you

perhaps it’s just that

he hasn’t noticed yet,

who you really are?

Have you sliced him yet… 63 more words