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"Enough. Enough Now"

I know most of you remember that moment from Love Actually when Mark (played by Andrew Lincoln) showed up outside Juliet’s (played by Keira Knightly) apartment with heartfelt placards. 457 more words



Break, break, break. Time accelerates then brakes against the shore of my leave. An office dalliance rises and winks away into nothing, like a fish leaping then plunging back into the ocean.

Coping With His Alcoholism - A Journal

Finally Feeling Like I'm Moving On.

I joined an online dating site for mormons the same day I found out Jeff had a girlfriend. I’ve talked to a couple of nice guys, but one in particular is drawing my attention. 1,348 more words

The Feeling of Numinous

It may seem like I am only gone for a year and I am only a quick 2 hour ride from home but it seems a lot more different and bigger than that. 531 more words

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time there was a girl who was seemingly normal. Okay well maybe, but this isn’t a fairy tale and the ending, happy or not, hasn’t been reached yet. 1,141 more words