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Being Broken: A Commentary on a Post That Never Made It to the Interwebz

Back in January, I had originally intended to post a blog about being “broken” and how it felt from the inside. It never really took off and had less focus than I was comfortable posting. 1,858 more words

Part Of My Story

Never Say Yes

And she will never say yes, because she knows the truth is made up of lies.

She knows her skies are made up of stars that will never fathom into constellations… 75 more words

Poetical ?!

Lingering Thoughts

The cool breeze whispers

through the slightly open window.

The clouds are lingering

and the wind chime sings it’s sweet song.

Memories of you sneak into my thoughts… 69 more words

Life's Journey

I'm tired.

I threw in the towel today, I guess this is where acceptance pops it’s ugly head in and I kneel down and admit defeat. I gave my ex another idea to get back together, but I got the whole, “I have to think about it and there’s things to consider.” that’s a sign, I’ve researched enough to know that it’s basically, “I’m going to reject you so don’t get your hopes up.” I thought I would do this before I leave to Hawaii on Sunday, he’s in a happy place right now and that’s the acceptance, getting back together would only ruin him. 205 more words

Shoulder Devil

I don’t think I’m a bad person.

On a good day, I even think maybe I’m a decent person, or perhaps a good person.

What I am, though, is certainly a bad influence. 790 more words


THE STORY OF US: From Then to Then

“To hearts sweetened by the bliss of romantic literature and happy endings, genuine love may never find a way. To hearts beat by the remnants of their own expectations, genuine love may never be the same.

2,012 more words
Letting Go

The Signs You Should Have Seen Prior To The Messy Breakup

Hindsight is 20/20.  Generally people are blinded in relationships by the false illusion they create in their heads of their partner.  So at first he was sweet, caring, said all the right things at all the right times, everything you could possibly want—but then, without any warning, things began to change.  1,274 more words