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17 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving To A New City

So, I’ve moved around quite a bit in my time (from Hong Kong to Maryland to Hawaii to NY… the list goes on…) and starting up in a new city can be tough, especially if you aren’t prepared to handle some of the gradations moving to a new area will cause. 2,364 more words

7 Things You Should Remember When You Move To A New City

EB. 11, 2014

Approximately three weeks ago, I moved to the big city all by myself. It’s really not that big of a city, but when coming from a town with the population progressively decreasing since the 2010 census count of 2,000, 80,000 people was almost culture shock. 987 more words


Relocating? How Your Visit Matters

Are you considering a move to a new city? Maybe you’re trying to make the choice between two or three potential options. If so, how you visit your future home can have a dramatic impact on which one makes the final cut. 335 more words

Moving from Jerome AZ to Hines/Burns, Oregon

A lot of people ask me about what it is like to live in Burns/Hines, Oregon, especially after living in Jerome, AZ for thirty years. Although a piece of my heart will always be there, life here is sweet as well. 1,285 more words

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Ready, Set, Go!

Delhi is still caught up in the winter chill. Winter this year has been especially trying. She came early in November and even now, when two months of the new year have already rushed past, she refuses to pack her bags. 419 more words

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