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My Top Uni Essentials

So I have less than four weeks until the big move which means I am starting to sort out all of the important things I will be needing at uni. 576 more words


Paint is Awesome

Most of the walls in our new house are renter beige, since we’re renters. The third floor, where the teacher lives, is bright lavender, which is pretty awesome. 491 more words

Moving Sucks

Why must anything and everything go wrong when moving?!   First it was we find out we are supposed to sign earlier than we thought so were feeling the pressure to be out 4 days earlier than planned.  1,463 more words

Moving Update #2

(voor Nederlands scroll naar beneden)

Sorry, I didn’t manage my time very well. Just a brief moving update. We officially got the apartment! Yeah! And we arranged we can stay until the end of September in our old apartment (the boyfriend starts his new job in September so we planned the move the first of September, but then we got an apartment that was only available from the beginning of October onwards). 316 more words



Small update about the last few days.

I moved.

Have no wifi for two weeks.

I started my work at the college as a grad student. 69 more words


It's Ours!

I can hardly believe it but it’s true. I am so excited to show pictures of it to you!  I am truly amazed and if it weren’t the fact that I have these keys, I wouldn’t believe it is true. 129 more words


The Constant

In 43 years, I’ve lived in 16 different houses.  That works out to a new house every 2.7 years of my life.  I tend to make mistakes doing public math, but I did this math over and over again, and I’m pretty sure it’s right.   282 more words