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Weddings, Rainbows and Moving Home

It’s been a full couple of weeks for our family. At times I have to pause and consciously tell myself to breathe. No, I’m serious. Sometimes I actually forget to breathe. 696 more words


Time to Move it, Move it

This summer has consisted of a lot of packing for my family and I! Not only am I moving to College Station in the fall for school, but we are packing up our house of ten years and moving to a new one.   401 more words


Selling a House - A Dog's Life

This is a pretty hard business; worse would be having no home to sell and I know that very well, but… It means the house has to be spotless all the time. 502 more words


The Stress of Exhaustion

I don’t remember moving ever being this stressful.

We moved a lot growing up, by the time I had graduated high school I had lived in 6 different cities in 3 different countries. 1,031 more words

When "Fist Bumping" Gets Excessive

-Ryan Thomas

  You have been there and so have I. You’re at a party or a sporting event or maybe even your Grandmother’s home. Some team scores a point, someone gets a great job offer, or maybe someone just happens to find a dollar on the ground. 468 more words


the figure in the carpet.

i moved on monday! (it is now wednesday.) there wasn’t too much broken glass. the porthole windows are even dreamier than i remembered. especially wonderful at night—the glow from the street comes through and shines glowing dreamy shadows of the windows on the walls. 343 more words