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Leap of Faith or Fate?

I did this “leap of faith/fate” thingy at Balite Falls last April 9. And as result, I almost drown out of panic and buti nalang, magaling lumangoy ang chief namin ang at tropa ko. 128 more words

Learning from the past and getting ready for the future.

Last August I decided I didn’t need to be in Texas any longer. I was born there, I went to school there and I got my first job out of college there. 388 more words

30 Before 30

Zombie Blog

So hey yeah, it is EASTER! And it hasn’t snowed for a few days! Like, two days. So that’s great right?

My friend reminded me of this blog just now, and that reminded me of those vague thoughts of resurrecting it and using it to keep in contact and write about things and keep a journal of our family’s doings. 271 more words

On the Road Again

We made it from Colorado to Peoria, Illinois in about 15 hours to stay the night and rest a full day. I got to see my sisters, mom and other family and really enjoy their company, great food (and wine of course, that’s never going to change about me) and a wonderful Easter breakfast. 134 more words

Confessions of a terrible packer

Moving is the worst.  Well, the whole picking up and starting a new life part is fun, but the physical moving of all my crap from one place to another…the worst.   155 more words


“I wonder if ever again Americans can have that experience of returning to a home place so intimately known, profoundly felt, deeply loved, and absolutely submitted to? 1,165 more words

Just A Thought

Fair thee well Japan!

Well, it’s time to go home.  As of Juneish I will no longer be an expat and will be calling the good ol’ US of A my place of residence once again.  539 more words

Yellow Crayons