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Oldies. But goodies?

I have been straightening up among my pictures for a while. Quite a job…
In iPhoto I have decided to only have original photos. Everything else, every picture I have edited in some way or another, are supposed to be found in different folders. 297 more words


Paris, Texas

Wim Wenders (1984)

He knew she had to be stopped or she’d leave him forever.

Finding Inner Peace

Obviously, I’ve not been posting to my blog lately. In fact, I’ve not really posted regularly since my days in Hawaii…days which seem so very long ago now. 700 more words

Moving in started...

And it is completely exhausting!

This is not the first time I move house but it is definitely the most tiring so far. There are a few reasons. 192 more words


I'm Moving to New Zealand!

Or, I suppose I ought to say “we.” Greg (alias G.), that initial that sometimes hangs out at the bottom of my posts and takes credit for my photos, is going to New Zealand, too. 847 more words

Flight Of The Conchords

I fly out in a month and I’m pretty sure my visa was approved today. Received an email stating it has been sent!

Celebrating by going to bed at 6pm with a heat pack and headache.

Night all xx


Movin' on up...to the East Side

The Jeffersons would be proud. Or at least maybe Weezy would…

It hasn’t been a long time since I moved within NYC (I’ll soon be what Gossip Girl calls an “Upper Eastsider”), but it’s been long enough for Silicon Valley to create a gazillion new apps that claim to help make the shift a little easier. 343 more words