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Herzog MPM

Every now and then you see something you aren’t expecting. On this Saturday morning I met this unit on the BNSF raceway. Herzog calls this their Multi-Purpose Machine. 59 more words


Dewberry in the news

Week 32 – MoW

When I woke this morning, I did my customary body function – no fellas, minds out of the gutter please. I reached over half asleep to look at my Blackberry. 239 more words


Hot Pini

Week 31 – MoW

Matt Pini collected his 2nd MoW of the season in week 31. 47 points for the Pini and 42 for the… 38 more words


Keberhasilan rekanalisasi atau penyambungan kembali tuba yang telah dilakukan sterilisasi atau pemotongan

Seorang pasien yang sudah menjalani 3 kali operasi caesar dan telah dilakukan sterilisasi atau pemotongan saluran tuba ternyata ingin kembali hamil dan menambah momongan.

Saluran tuba memang saluran yang sangat kecil dan tentu tidak mudah untuk menyambung kembali. 137 more words

Prioritisation - Getting Your Priorities Straight.

The act of arranging items to be attended to in order of their relative importance.

That definition of the word prioritisation (or prioritization for my British friends) was brought to you by the Collins English Dictionary and it’s a pretty accurate reflection of  what prioritisation means within a project context where ‘items’ are 

790 more words

The Grass is Always Greener When You Don't Mow It. A Personal Essay.

It took time and determination, but I finally grew impervious to my mother’s death ray stares.  She had used these effectively on me as a child, causing me to whip my finger out of my nose so fast it created a sonic boom, or quelling my incipient revolts against tuna fish and tomato aspic.  1,541 more words



First ever solo show: