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Ben headlines week 18

Manager of the Week – week 18

A 2nd MoW for Ben Guarino pipping Richard Richards (so good they name him twice) by a point. … 64 more words


Podcast 055 - What? How is 'podcast' underlined in red?

Seriously. Facebook is so entrenched in our vernacular that the program recognizes it as a word yet typing podcast deeply confuses it. This is why I have no fear of the Matrix ever happening. 909 more words


The Atlantan

Manager of the Week – week 17

Strong performance from our man in Atlanta in week 17, which was our first true bumper week of the season. 109 more words


Fear of Finishing

When my creative mind wakes up again, the WIP I’d most like to focus on is TPOM3. I stopped working on it a while back for a few reasons: 1) I couldn’t figure out how to carry on the outline from the card where it stops; 2) my creative mind decided to focus on something else; and 3) I’m… 543 more words



Manager of the Week – week 16

Dewbs was the week’s MoW with 46 points, just a point more than Nick McCayna and Duncan Gorton… 45 more words


It was certainly your week!

Manager of the Week – week 15

Lee Blackman walked away with the week 15 MoW fiver. 56 for Lee in a steady week. Barry Plummer… 45 more words


Paul and Stu share the spoils

Manager of the Week – week 13

Joint MoW’s in week 13. Paul Hodges and Stuart Wolstenholme will share the fiver after both scored 54 points. 38 more words