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Oh, How They Mow!

One of the great things about being located in a park is watching the different City Departments do their stuff.  Despite having worked here forever, I have never seen how they mowed the steep sides of Pecan creek. 38 more words

Going Strong: High Intensity Interval Mowing with Fiskars

We’ve all heard of high intensity interval training (HIIT) as a great way to workout in a short amount of time. The most common form of HIIT is sprinting, and for good reason, it will get your blood flowing and lungs burning fast. 433 more words

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Hurry, Earthworm (Haiku Collection)

hurry, earthworm:  /
the rain is changing to sleet – /
so sluggish //


first lawn mowing  /
leaves stripes on green velvet – / 84 more words

Garden Preparation

Yesterday was a fine day to get a head of seed planting. Garden preparation by turning over the soil was needed and the sun was cooperating. 232 more words

Gravel is the New Grass! Tips on Using Decorative Gravel. Let Lawns by L.E.W. do it for you!

Lawns by L.E.W. can liven up your landscape by spreading decorative gravel to enhance your property.  Gravel serves many purposes and can be an effective tool to conserve water and reduce lawn maintenance costs.   1,119 more words

Flower Bed TLC...Let Lawns by L.E.W. do it for you! 248.217.4417

Flower beds are a garden staple, providing color and a wide range of shapes and sizes to the landscape. Proper upkeep of the flower bed is essential for a long-lasting, healthy garden. 375 more words

Mowing deGrasse

Beginning a post about lawn care by referencing Niel deGrasse Tyson may appear to be a stretch for a play on words but bear with me. 710 more words