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It's sheep we're up against.

A song from my youth by the Housemartins, a UK band.

There’s a lot of water in Holland and alongside many of the canals, ditches and man-made lakes there are commonly, stretches of grass. 163 more words


Eleven and an Escape Artist

For the past several days one of the young Buff Orpington hens has been giving herself a free range walk-about. One day we let the rest out too. 317 more words


Cutting Corners

In this digital age we love shortcuts, speeding things up, rushing everything.
I want Friday to start again after Sunday, I want to retire after working for a week. 526 more words


Apartment living in the NC Brunswick Islands can provide a freedom you may not have considered. It frees you from caring for the outside of your dwelling. 139 more words

Long holiday weekends are perfect for ...


Spring calves are weaned from their mothers. Fall-calving cows are brought up and starting to calve. It’s time to squeeze the last bit of grass out of the pasture and prepare for winter. 279 more words

Woods Equipment Company


I really don’t like doing most forms of yardwork. If you ask my mom, she’ll tell you: raking leaves (actually the bagging part) has always been nearly equal to waterboarding on my list of things-I-want-to-do-today. 613 more words

Lawn Care Tips - How to Choose Grass Seed for Your Lawn

It takes a lot of time and effort if you’re personally doing lawn care for your lawn. The mowing, watering, fertilizing, and seeding can quickly add up to a few hours a week to keep it healthy.  571 more words

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