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Mozilla and the Future of the Open Internet

People often ask me: Why are you still involved so deeply with Mozilla? Firefox won. Why haven’t you gone on to do something else? Does Mozilla still have work to do? 1,050 more words


Mozilla brings multi-process support to Firefox Nightly, promises to ship 64-bit Firefox for Windows 'soon'

Mozilla today made two announcements that should make hardcore Firefox users very happy. The first is that multi-process support is landing in Firefox Nightly, and the second is that  466 more words


Mozilla updates Firefox with Forget button and DuckDuckGo search, rolls out sponsored tiles to new tab page

In addition to the debut of the Firefox Developer Edition, Mozilla today announced new features for its main Firefox browser. The company is launching a new Forget button in Firefox to help keep your browsing history private, adding DuckDuckGo as a search option, and rolling out its directory tiles advertising experiment. 414 more words


Mozilla launches Firefox Developer Edition with built-in tools for debugging apps and mobile browsers

As promised, Mozilla today launched Firefox Developer Edition, which it is calling “the first browser created specifically for developers.” The company wants to solve a very big problem developers often complain about: dealing with numerous siloed development environments when creating content or targeting different app stores. 1,019 more words


Mozilla teams up with GSMA to bring localized mobile web content to poor countries

Mozilla isn’t simply concerned about people in developing countries not having good local content on their mobile devices. It’s doing something about it.

The browser maker announced that it has  147 more words


Firefox can't seem to stop bleeding market share

As the months roll by, Firefox continues to lose market share. Mozilla’s browser was only down slightly in 2013, but 2014 has been rougher — and the year’s not over yet. 448 more words


MozFest 2014

At the weekend a small team (including my good self) were representing the Zooniverse at MozFest 2014 in London. The conference, organised by the Mozilla Foundation, brings people together from all around the world who essentially want to work on making the internet a better place. 69 more words

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