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Mozilla Deploying High-capacity Tor Middle Relays

Back in November, Mozilla teamed-up with Tor Project under a new initiative called Polaris, in order to help reduce finite number of Tor connections occurring at the same time by adding high-capacity Tor middle relays to the… 485 more words

Mozilla & FOSDEM

This morning I visited the Mozilla HQ, a large and welcoming space, with very nice people around. The space has an open area with a big coffee bar where external events happen, fostering serendipity among Mozillians and people from outside. 102 more words


Firefox OS App days Pre-Event Discussion

Hi folks,

This is karthickeyan, Club lead of EEC Firefox Club of SRM Easwari Engineering College, chennai.

I have been into Mozilla as Firefox Student Ambassador for more than few months.And here I write my first blog post. 210 more words


mozilla-requestpolicy extension and IceCat

RequestPolicy is an extension for Mozilla browsers that increases your browsing privacy, security, and speed by giving you control over cross-site requests.

Its development is continued by volunteers in a new website… 197 more words


Project Spartan

AROO! If you didn’t hear Microsoft’s announcement last week, Windows 10 will showcase ‘Project Spartan’ for its browser, replacing the long bundled bane of web developers existence, Internet Explorer. 188 more words


Thunderbird: Easy installation

Thunderbird, and other Open Source projects, are items created by a group of designers. As everything else, this group ain’t impeccable. IMHO, it appears they utilize a lot of vitality and time creating projects, and battling the everlasting fight against imposing business model. 150 more words


Extension Update

During week 3 our team worked on finishing up our Brackets extension. It is now called HTMLHinter. We improved from our previous design by implementing the following features: 94 more words