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Italian pasta salad recipe

Ingredients for 2 persons

250 g pasta
200 g mozzarella cheese
100 g dried tomatoes
200 g fresh mushrooms
200 g arugula
1 clove of garlic… 92 more words


Deep Dish Pizza is Numero Uno - Illinois

No other place in the country embraces deep dish pizza like Chicago. This delicious amalgam of buttery crust, gooey mozzarella cheese

and tangy tomato sauce — a definite knife and fork affair — has been around since at least the 1940s but who first created the dish is bitterly disputed in pizza-centric circles. 561 more words


Spinach Pie: Spanakopita

This spinach pie only has a couple simple ingredients but tastes amazing! I just use one package of frozen spinach which I thawed out pressed to remove any excess liquid. 90 more words


Chicken Parmesan with Pasta Recipe

You’ll Need:

6 chicken breasts

4 eggs

6 cups of breadcrumbs

Salt and pepper to taste

½ cup grated parmesan

2 tablespoons Italian seasoning

1 tablespoon parsley… 287 more words


Angela's Artichoke Dip

Angela’s Artichoke Dip

Scouring through my previously published recipes I noticed that I had never posted this recipe! Angela was a great friend of our family and especially my oldest daughter. 94 more words


The Baked Ziti Adventure

There is nothing like an intense craving for pasta. I always find when I am in a stressful bind that I crave, with intensity, baked pasta. 331 more words


Pizza for Breakfast? It's Eggs, Bacon, Cheese and Toast (Pizza Crust) ... Isn't That Breakfast?

I’m not your keeper but I say it’s perfectly fine to have pizza for breakfast … as long as it’s this Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Pizza.  137 more words