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Italy: Ardea, chickens and learning Italian


One morning during our refreshing morning swim, we heard chickens cackle.  There were lots of trees and bushes around the pool. And behind them we saw huge fields. 652 more words


Sandwich baghetta

Un sandwich cald, aromat, cu gust puternic de busuioc, foarte bun! Voi probabil îl știți însă, dacă ați mâncat vreodată aici ;) Rețeta respectă aceleași ingrediente, doar cantitățile le-am modificat după placul meu.

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Gluten Free Pork Mozzarella

I was craving what all I can say is Chicken Parmigiana, but of course I can’t have chicken and well I was all out of parmesan cheese. 185 more words

Main Dishes

Pizza Sweet Potato Skins

Sorry I’m not sorry all of my planned meals are pizza/pasta related this week. Whoops!

At least this one is a super healthy pizza recipe. And it was amazing! 385 more words


Ooozy Mozza Cheese Vegetarian Pasta

Mozzarella on pasta is delicious so long as you heat it until it becomes stringy.

Ooozy mozzarella.

Ingredient list: one pack of asparagus, one yellow pepper, one red pepper, two shallots, four gloves of garlic and one hot pepper. 59 more words


Summer Pizza on the Grill

Perhaps I did you a favor by not posting pizza on the grill at the beginning of summer.  If I had, you’d probably be about 5 pounds heavier right now because you wouldn’t have (couldn’t have) stopped making pizzas on the grill as a weekly activity.   821 more words

Recipe: Pizza can be healthy too

So, I’m cooking again. It’s crazy, I know, but I found a diet that works for me and that I actually like committing myself to. Of course, gluten free was, is and will always be my main diet, but I started doing a low-carb challenge as well. 487 more words