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Nokia Lumia 520 K2800

Nokia’s Lumia 520 packs in a better camera and more software features than you might expect.Nokia’s Lumia 521 is one of the best bargain smartphones on any platform, but skip it if LTE is of paramount concern.Colour Screen, MP3 Player, FM Radio, Touch Screen, Camera


Review of the Fiio X1 music player

I recently got the new Fiio X1 and have been very pleasantly surprised by the sound. Functional, but not as functional as iPods, I know we have to make some trade offs for the high quality sound and easy ability to expand memory. 310 more words

A Brief History of the MP3 Player

We tend to think of historical gadgets as something invented before our lifetime; but in the world we live in today, things invented in the 80’s and 90’s are already considered historical – antique, something quaint but completely irrelevant and surpassed by today’s technology (which is next year’s quaint but completely irrelevant object).   223 more words


The Cassette MP3 Player

1994 was twenty years ago. There are people eligible to vote who vaguely remember only one Bush presidency. You can have a conversation with someone born after the millennium, and they think a 3.5 inch disk is called a save icon. 183 more words

Classic Hacks

A New Discovery...

I discovered something new yesterday. I went to the Tacoma Library in search of some audiobooks like I was talking about in my post yesterday. The Tacoma Library is a different system than the Pierce County Library system so I needed to get a new card. 610 more words

Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat

But I Didn't Want To Level Up

The Peter Principle also works with growing up. Linear time ‘promotes’ you out of your comfort zone, until you don’t know what appliances you do or don’t need.


WMR Waterproof MP3 Player

Exeze WMR Waterproof MP3 Players are small and stylish and produce impeccable sound while submerged in water which makes it suitable for swimming, diving, surfing, etc. 576 more words