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Finnegans Wake audiobook

That’s right. Such a thing exists, and therefore the world just might not be the hellish intellectual desert were we all starting to think it was.   42 more words


Riftrune // Witches in the Cellar

Liner notes simply read…”Witches in the Cellar” is what plays in the background of your life as you slowly creep down the stairs to see what those sweet old ladies are up to in your basement.



Post-Nature is LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s debut album released through Yes Please / Remote Control. It has that almost ambient acid jazz thing going on throughout. Often refer to this as journey music. This is very palatable.


spf50 // Magic Pills Theme

Instrumental from the feature-length film “Trillzone”. A Perfect instrumental for your walk into the unknown.


Do not go Gentle into the Dying of the Light // Clear Vision Dream Productions

Unlock the inner potential to happiness. Come on a journey that will enlighten and maximize your overall aura. Dream sequences at low prices that will high mood fashion your lives.


SONG PREMIERE: Pop 'stache premieres Silver Ships' new song "Poor Thief Of Hearts"

Pop ‘stache premieres Silver Ships’ new song “Poor Thief Of Hearts,” from the forthcoming debut album Songs From A Room That Never Moves, out September 30th. 6 more words