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Post-Nature is LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s debut album released through Yes Please / Remote Control. It has that almost ambient acid jazz thing going on throughout. Often refer to this as journey music. This is very palatable.


spf50 // Magic Pills Theme

Instrumental from the feature-length film “Trillzone”. A Perfect instrumental for your walk into the unknown.


Do not go Gentle into the Dying of the Light // Clear Vision Dream Productions

Unlock the inner potential to happiness. Come on a journey that will enlighten and maximize your overall aura. Dream sequences at low prices that will high mood fashion your lives.


SONG PREMIERE: Pop 'stache premieres Silver Ships' new song "Poor Thief Of Hearts"

Pop ‘stache premieres Silver Ships’ new song “Poor Thief Of Hearts,” from the forthcoming debut album Songs From A Room That Never Moves, out September 30th. 6 more words


SONG PREMIERE: The Deli Nashville premieres Dohse's new single "Fireworks & Lead"

The Deli Nashville previews Dohse’s new single “Fireworks & Lead,” from his forthcoming debut EP:

Dohse, aka Nathan James Dohse is in the thick of becoming a Nashville success story…”Fireworks and Lead,” is so solid that if it were stripped down, passed around and spun on a country station, it would probably be a hit, because good music can cross genres with no border issues.

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i quit also summer

その1st、MedeirosがShorebirdというレーベルからこの夏に2LPとCDで再発。2009年にMedeiros/Hope and AdamsのCDセットで再発されたけど、今度はレコードでも。透明のいいな。
初期のdemoが収録されるみたいで、たぶんthiswheat.comに載ってる”Wheat Demo EP”や”Gerl Demo”の曲かな。Summerが”I Quit Also Summer”ってタイトルだったり、音の粗さもほんとにデモってかんじでいいんだよなあ。”Don’t Ya”も好き。何年か前まではこのデモやいろんなリリースがDLできるようになっていたんだけど、いつからかなくなった。ライブ音源はまだできる!長いことお世話になってるサイト。


FILE-UNDER/KnewNoise (@knewnoiserec) August 05, 2014…

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