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A different way to view a MP

I was doing some studying today and one thing caught my eye.  

We are viewing MP’s wrong.  They do not represent the people of the community. 120 more words

Train companies - open letter from one of the sardines

The Quiet Coach

In what way – by what definition can you justifiably call any coach ‘the quiet coach’.

1) There are children in this coach – I like children don’t get me wrong but 99.999% of children travelling any distance will never be designated ‘quiet’ so why are they in here?   640 more words

Freedom Retirement

The Bloodsuckers, The Slavemasters and the Plebs

Who are the Bloodsuckers? The public school chinless wonders who despite no innate talents are fast tracked to the top jobs, where they show their lack of ability by repeatedly messing up, never learning from their mistakes. 161 more words



From an article produced by the BBC concerning a female UN veteran stating that the British political body is sexist (to which I agree it probably is): “A Home Office spokeswoman said: “Violence against women and girls in any form is unacceptable and the government has shown its commitment to ending it”…..what the f*ck? 456 more words


The Star's View: Gold-plated pensions for senators and MPs

In October 2012, the federal government — reacting to overwhelming criticism of the generous pensions received by MPs and senators — began to roll out measures to chip away at the “gold-plated” plan. 481 more words


The Problem of 2014: UKIP

I have not written a post in sometime, as I am busy drowning in piles of work. However, I felt that no matter how busy I am with my A level’s  I needed to get my voice out there about this sudden UKIP craze. 1,137 more words


If I Were Commissioner......

……….I wouldn’t be in Rome for a start, I’d have sent a deputy and would be seated in the Metropolis trying to address the myriad of crises the Met seems to be plagued with, mainly of their own making. 994 more words