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China Is Growing Pears That Look Like Babies

We’ve heard of talking to plants to help them grow, but not turning them into tiny humans.

Using a plastic mold, Chinese farms have started to grow pears that resemble babies and are distributing them in supermarkets. 15 more words

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Sand Packaging by Alien and Monkey

Sand-made packaging re-establishes the ritual of discovering a gift and the concept of sustainable packaging. As an answer to the increase of waste in modern society, we have developed a material using one of earth’s most abundant natural resources, sand, to create packaging for precious gifts. 15 more words

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Glow in the Dark Cornetto by Bompas & Parr

London-based creative duo Bompas & Parr have conceived the world’s first glow in the dark Cornetto to celebrate the UK premiere of The End of the World. 76 more words

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This Motorbike Uses Bacon For Fuel

Biofuel was to be the saviour for our petrol-powered needs and while development is ongoing, it has yet to take over the world, with LPG and electric vehicles proving more popular alternatives. 103 more words

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NASA Is Betting On These Five Extraordinary Ideas

Beyond developing current missions, NASA’s job is to invest in technologies that might seem like sci-fi — but could hold the keys to the next generation of space missions. 49 more words

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Trend of Larger Tattoos Could Have Worrying Health Consequences

Evolutionary biologists argue that we humans climbed to the pinnacle of our mammalian tree as a result of a penchant for sun and sex. And that our human prowess was guided, if not driven by our adaptation to life on this sun-drenched planet (a remarkably high proportion of our genome is associated with UV receptors). 80 more words

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