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your October gift. (Blogtober #29)

You’re welcome.

Wait. Before I go, can we talk about this scene? Can we talk about all the breathing, and the rain, and Mr. Darcy’s ardent love, and Elizabeth’s obvious attraction to him despite her repulsion at his tearing apart Bingley and Jane, and the rain, and the standing so close to each other, and communicating, so deftly, how they truly feel for each other with a few glances and┬átheir proximity, and the rain, and… 60 more words


Jane Austen Novels and Hannah More's Life - intersecting planes

Jane Austen and Hannah More were contemporaries in the late 1700s and early 1800s (even though More was born long before Austen and lived well after Austen’s death). 1,350 more words


We’ve all received one in the mail or on-line, perhaps you’ve sent one out. I’m talking about those end of the year Holiday letters filled with family news and photos. 348 more words


On Forevermore...

I think people misunderstand the word “forevermore.” I know I did. To preface, I’ve kinda been fixated on this word for the past week or so, be it from the lyrics of “Welcome To New York” or spoken in the walls of two of my favorite ministries. 524 more words


People Watching

“It always feels like somebody’s watching me. And I have no privacy.” “Somebody’s Watching Me” Rockwell

Chances are, if I have seen you, I have watched you…studied you. 319 more words

Writer's Thoughts

Death Comes to Pemberley

P.D. James wrote the novel and it was adapted for television earlier this year. The main plot is, as the title reveals, a murder. Who did it? 697 more words


It Wasn't My Cup Of Tea

*drinks obscure bioshock infusion vial*

I like to read…

…but reading historical novels wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. The sentences were too long-winded and the words used (as well as the combination thereof) were… 570 more words