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My blogger friend  Dan A. over at No Facilities  wrote a  post that brought up memories of TV times before  remote controls . It got me thinking of a few things . 1,055 more words


Motley Crew Homemade Chili Spaghetti Sauce

Life throws curveballs and I can’t hit them. I can’t hit the fastballs either, but this isn’t a scouting report, it’s a (trite) analogy. I was all set for a day of peace and production. 443 more words


The Slide . . . if you will

My wife and I have always loved the older television shows, all the way back to the 1950s. The grainy, black and white television shows that cause my children to cringe or take a deep breath. 340 more words


“Go Right to the Source and Ask the Horse”

I confess: this weekend, I could not help myself. While watching some TV, I stopped on a rerun of the show “Mr. Ed”. I realize that some of my readers just did a memory flashback, and others (generally, Gen X and younger) may have no idea what I am talking about.* To make matters worse, I also found a channel that was promoting an eight CD compilation of 1960’s & 1970’s music, complete with pictures of the bands. 508 more words

Jeffrey Karp

"Heello Wilber! " - Mr Ed...New Study Uses Pictures to Show How Horses Communicate


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I just love it!

I do just love it.

I love it when I get four ‘likes’ in four seconds, for four posts, all from the same person,  which are each… at least..   51 more words