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I know I should be proud of my celebrity crushes, but a lot of times I get, “Really? Him? Why..?” So, naturally, I get defensive. This is another one of those crushes that people may find odd, but I think he’s sexy – Robert Carlyle. 88 more words


Rumbelle and Captain Swan

                     On Once Upon A Time my favorite couple is Belle and Rumplestiltskin

I was Rumbelle all the way except lately I been shipping Belle and Rumple less, Which makes me feel guilty for some reason lol I mean I liked those two ever since the 1st Season! 273 more words

Beauty And The Beast

Who we are versus who we used to be

Just a warning that the below post contains spoilers for the latest episode of Once Upon A Time. 146 more words


Can we get some character growth?

I am currently caught up on Once Upon a Time. I want Belle to find out that Rumple has been lying to her because at this point it looks like they should just get a divorce. 303 more words

Television Shows

Top 5 Characters from Once Upon A Time

The new season of Once Upon A Time began this week and we are both excited to see the new characters the show will introduce this season which will include Anna and Elsa from Frozen. 437 more words

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