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MRP has got you covered!

MRP has got you covered with all of the fitted tees and crop tops to get you in the mood for summer!

Anything goes when it comes to tees. 138 more words


Zucchini bread...

So today I spent some time with my ever busy friend ohiophotogrl. She helped me make a from scratch bread…zucchini bread that is.

We cut up the zucchini and then we used the food processor to shred it all up. 38 more words

When Every Day is Better

I have been so incredibly jazzed by Mr. P’s progress lately, I can’t even contain myself. To think that, 8 months ago, he was as much a stick of lit dynamite as he was a horse, scared to go near a mounting block, didn’t know what cross-ties were, was afraid to be afraid, where now? 194 more words


Reading the Fine Print on Hoofcare Products

I recently paid a visit to the tackshop to nab a few knicknacks, one of the chief items being a hoof moisturizer.

Mr. P has terribly dry and cracked feet. 539 more words


Χίλιες και μια... γεύσεις!

Ηλικία: 9 μηνών

Οι χίλιες και μία νύχτες, τα κλασικά παραμύθια της Χαλιμάς, μας ταξιδεύουν πάνω σε μαγικά χαλιά στα μυθικά βασίλεια της Ανατολής, ανάμεσα σε τζίνι και λυχνάρια που πραγματοποιούν τις ευχές μας.




Hi All

I know its winter in Cape Town  at the moment BUT i can not wait until Summer comes back around… and i think Mr Price feels the same way i do LOL. 88 more words


Η μαγεμένη κολοκύθα γίνεται... ριζότο!

Ηλικία: 8 μηνών

Η μαγεία της κολοκύθας αυτή τη φορά βγαίνει από το κλασικό παραμύθι της Σταχτοπούτας και από άμαξα μετατρέπεται σε… ένα νοστιμότατο ριζότο.