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Vox Day: Reporting a rape you were too incapacitated to fully remember is like calling the cops when you can't remember where you parked your car [UPDATED: Vox attacks anti-racists as child abuse enablers]

In the world of fantasy writer and all-around hateful shithead Vox Day, women who are raped when they’re too drunk to consent should just suck it up, because reporting their rapes would be akin to someone calling police when they can’t remember where they’ve parked their car. 573 more words


MRA to lift small-scale mining profile


Alluvial gold and silver generates revenue of over K300 million a year.

The majority of this goes directly to local miners, their families and the community. 210 more words

Papua New Guinea

The Branding Problem...

So, I’ve been thinking again…

Lately, the great Feminist comeback to criticism of Feminism has been going through a renaissance, courtesy of #Womenagainstfeminism.  It runs like this:  “X complaint isn’t really about Feminism,read a dictionary.”.  1,014 more words

Men's Rights

Minister told to follow the rules

MRA-Wau- Small Scale Mining Training Centre

Deputy Mining Minister, Wera Mori and Papindo group interested in Alluvial Mining fronted up at our gates to be served on a Sunday afternoon only to be locked out and asked to go home and return during Official working days and hours. 70 more words

Papua New Guinea

Rio Tinto stripped of nothing on Bougainville - and the ABG knows it!

 MRA records show BCL’s mining lease over Panguna expired in 2011 and its exploration licences will expire next year. BCL’s own Annual Report and a previous statement from John Momis appear to confirm this state of affairs. 963 more words

Papua New Guinea

The Big F-Word [Episode 4]

Welcome back~!

This week Gender Revolution Rainbow Radio is talking about that big, scary f-word: feminism. With special guest Malin Rozon, we are going to try to talk about the intricacies and complications of feminism on the lives of trans* people. 369 more words


Two Peas In A Pod Or Perhaps Conjoined Twins Separated At Birth...

Being on opposing sides of the feminist/men’s rights debate raging on the internet David Futrelle and Paul Elam are remarking similar in the practice of censorship on both of their blogs: We Hunted The Woolly Mammath and A Voice for Men. 63 more words

Men's Rights