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Slut shaming: feminists you are part of the problem!

I have my own personal oponions on sex which i hold to in my own life. But I don’t believe in going round preaching saying my way is the right way. 371 more words

MRA, Misunderstanding of Feminism and Internet Bullshit.

Now… This is LONG. I’m not even going to pretend it’s not, it’s long as shit. Wanna know why? Because I stumbled on some bullshit MRA glossary of terms as defined by someone who routinely gets called out for being a misogynist and probably a racist. 3,622 more words


That Bugger First Amendment

About to write paper in which I make a case that universities should be responsible for taking initiatives aimed at reducing sexual assault, dating violence and stalking and I just remembered MSU’s Men’s Rights Activists club, and how during the freshman orientation student groups fair they had attention-grabbing signs leading to their table with promotional materials that included completely false statements like, “80% of rape cases are falsely reported” -it’s actually ~2%, similar rate as other crimes-, or shit about how “the wage gap is a lie”…. 179 more words

The White Knight Deception

Loyalty.  A word that is an important tie that binds men together, read that word again ‘loyalty’…it is what makes men value each other as men…and exactly how modern women eviserate white knights. 820 more words


There's No Privilege, Only Class.

First of all, let’s get our definitions straight.

Privilege: An unearned advantage given to a group or individual based on characteristics beyond their control.

Benevolent Discrimination: A benefit given to a group or individual for adhering to certain parameters that restrict their freedom. 4,115 more words


Men's Rights Activists: Most gullible people in the world, or most gullible people in the universe?

So I was idly perusing Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield’s Twitter yesterday, and I came across an alarming tweet. It seemed as though Bloomfield had somehow penetrated the 47 levels of security protecting the Feminist HIgh Council to discover incontrovertible evidence of Operation Wicked Succubus. 688 more words


Just a video from a YouTuber I enjoy.

I get such a kick out of this video. Not everyone will enjoy it and with out doubt somebody will comment “Why can’t feminists be nicer!” but for those who enjoy his sense of humor check out his videos.