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Are Men More Emotional Than Women?

Not if you believe the stereotype. But the Royal Mail claims a study commissioned from the Mindlab says yes.

I should note that the sample size was small – 15 fathers and 15 mothers – and needs to be independently replicated. 422 more words


Every "-ism" Means Nothing in the Big Picture.

My Dad once told me “Every word that ends in ‘-ism’ should be viewed with contempt. They mean nothing.” Whilst I have often disagreed with him and at the time didn’t agree with him, this point struck a chord. 1,701 more words


the red pill, Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, and the nature of film art

not cinematically content with only Atlas Shrugged: Part Two and that one pedo documentary on Netflix (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Are_All_Men_Pedophiles%3F) to while away the lonely nights, Red Pillers have found a new voice in film through Stanley Kubrick and one of his last unfinished films, … 3,790 more words

Male Stoicism: A New Direction

Stoicism is seen a bad thing. Repressing one’s emotions to the point of not even recognizing them, and thus being unable to empathize with others, is at the core of masculinity’s diagnosis. 532 more words


What if ?...What if it's not "Nothing"

Wow, I haven’t posted since February.. So sorry for being such a bad blogger!! I’m going to try to start being a more dedicated blogger, hope you like my newest post! 481 more words

A quick and improvised say on Feminism. The word is not what they say it is.

So a shot or two of Gin is in my system and It’s rather late. I don’t expect this post to be the best argument of linguistics I can provide nor do I expect my grammar, specifically spelling, to be top notch. 1,638 more words

Social Commentary

In case you're wondering if my mood's improved

Note to men:  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for how you act toward and around women.  Not the women.  Not the women’s fucking clothes.  You.

Fucking idiot asshole scumbags.