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Belated Award Ceremony for that "Design a Commemorative Plate for A Voice for Men" contest with REAL PRIZE

Hey, remember that contest we had in which we designed commemorative plates for A Voice for Men? Well, TA DA! Today I announce the winner! Who will win an actual real you-can-put-liquids-in-it coffee mug with the words “MALE TEARS” on it. 781 more words


The Amazing Atheist's not-so-amazing thoughts on the age of consent

You may have run across an image macro going around the internet recently featuring a picture of YouTube ranter and sometime Men’s Rights ally The Amazing Atheist – aka Terroja or TJ Kinkaid – and an appalling quote, supposedly from him, arguing that MRAs should campaign to lower the age of consent, because “[n]ature already has an age of consent. 976 more words


Are Men More Emotional Than Women?

Not if you believe the stereotype. But the Royal Mail claims a study commissioned from the Mindlab says yes.

I should note that the sample size was small – 15 fathers and 15 mothers – and needs to be independently replicated. 422 more words


Every "-ism" Means Nothing in the Big Picture.

My Dad once told me “Every word that ends in ‘-ism’ should be viewed with contempt. They mean nothing.” Whilst I have often disagreed with him and at the time didn’t agree with him, this point struck a chord. 1,701 more words


the red pill, Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, and the nature of film art

not cinematically content with only Atlas Shrugged: Part Two and that one pedo documentary on Netflix (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Are_All_Men_Pedophiles%3F) to while away the lonely nights, Red Pillers have found a new voice in film through Stanley Kubrick and one of his last unfinished films, … 3,790 more words