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Valerie Solanas: “She also shot the artist Andy Warhol, but we all have our moments.”

Julie Bindle for the above quote

She shot Mario Amaya as well Ms Bindle. You know, just throwing that out there.

Any discussion of feminist abuse has to have somewhere near the beginning what is widely recognised as the start of the worst of it – Valerie Solanas. 768 more words


Three "Punk" Bands Who Inadvertently Made Me a Terrible Person

Like most unpopular, slightly irritating kids born in the early 90s, I spent my adolescence pretending to be a punk. “Fuck the system!” I would yell to no-one as I listened to bands like Anti-Flag and Green Day. 895 more words

That's Infotainment!!

My Disillusionment with the current state of Feminism

I’d imagine it’s possible some people may wonder why, as a gay person, I would be taking issue with feminism, and siding with the MRAs, beyond simply freedom of speech issues. 3,517 more words


Roslyn Florie-George appointed Business Manager at MRA Consulting Group

Roslyn Florie-George has been appointed Business Manager at MRA Consulting Group, in recognition of her engineering and management skills and dedication.

A civil engineer from the University of NSW, Roslyn has worked with MRA Consulting Group for the last three years, completing major projects for both government and private clients. 249 more words


Hey, I Have Some More Articles Concerning How The Rolling Stone Has Fucked Us With That False Accusation Of Rape.

OK, I came across this on Facebook, which is amazing, since I don’t go on Facebook except every two or three days.

Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Story Just Took Another Massive Hit… 3,175 more words
Men's Rights


Tl;dr? l2r. This isn’t twitter.

Before I start the main content of this blog, I thought it would be beneficial to provide the reasons why I thought it was worthwhile. 3,388 more words


"Feminists lie about rape because it's a badge of honor," and other insights from the upside-down world of Men's Rights Redditors

You know how, in The Poseidon Adventure, the giant cruise ship gets flipped over by a huge wave and the passengers have to make their way through the upside-down ship to the bottom of the hull, which is now the top, in order to survive? 61 more words