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The Nolan Effect

As an obese, ugly, misogynistic neckbeard who’s afraid of empowered women, lives in my mother’s basement, & can’t get laid, the claim that the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) is largely made up of people┬ájust like me, is one that I hear with startling regularity. 1,368 more words


notes) Breast ca

Examination and Diagnosis

1. Screening
-Self-exammination: 1 wk after mense
-20-40 y/o: once per 2-3 yr
-age over 40: 1/yr

2. Breast echo
-Young women < 30y/o (1st line) 249 more words


All Female Lord Of The Flies

A feminist I follow on twitter (don’t ask) made a reference to lord of the flies. I confessed to never reading that novel, and knew that I should. 5,282 more words

Woman rapes and stabs a man six times then claims to be the victim

Luminita Perijoc raped a man at knife point then stabbed him when he failed to perform a third time. She went on to claim she was the victim of him attacking her, thankfully the court rejected this claim. 151 more words


Arguing with a Social Justice Warrior

When I used to go on about leftist liberals, these two jack offs are the people I was talking about. Your typical social justice warrior, an oikophobic cultural marxist. 1,029 more words