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All Female Lord Of The Flies

A feminist I follow on twitter (don’t ask) made a reference to lord of the flies. I confessed to never reading that novel, and knew that I should. 5,282 more words

Woman rapes and stabs a man six times then claims to be the victim

Luminita Perijoc raped a man at knife point then stabbed him when he failed to perform a third time. She went on to claim she was the victim of him attacking her, thankfully the court rejected this claim. 151 more words


Arguing with a Social Justice Warrior

When I used to go on about leftist liberals, these two jack offs are the people I was talking about. Your typical social justice warrior, an oikophobic cultural marxist. 1,029 more words

Feminism: Socialism in panties

Anti-feminist Karen Straughan gives a speech in which she destroys the ideology of feminism.

Fascinating and important for every man and woman not spellbound by the collectivist, hateful and destructive ideology of “female subjugation”


Men's Rights Movement Appears to Be Falling Apart at the Seams as MRAs Openly Advocate Violence Against Women

One of my favorite bloggers and vloggers has been on a roll for a few weeks now. There are some really remarkable things going on in the way of the MRA (Men’s Rights Advocates) outing themselves as the violent bigots they are. 509 more words

Womens Liberation