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A quick and improvised say on Feminism. The word is not what they say it is.

So a shot or two of Gin is in my system and It’s rather late. I don’t expect this post to be the best argument of linguistics I can provide nor do I expect my grammar, specifically spelling, to be top notch. 1,638 more words

Social Commentary

The Men's Rights Movement is Anti-trans?

Now I am not saying the MRM as a whole, but rather talking in specifics to many MRM’s whom I have spoken to or know directly. 647 more words

Prosecutor wants to take pictures of boys penis

So this is ANOTHER case of teens sexting and the police and judicial system just completely misapplying the law. A 15 year old girl and a 17 year old boy were sending pictures to each other, the girls mother instead of reacting like a reasonable adult and speaking to her daughter, the boy, the boys parents or any such thing she decided to call the police. 300 more words


Movie Review Monday!: Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Warning: Spoilers! Lots of em!

Hello my lovely readers. This is my first post on my blog and is part of a series called “Movie Review Monday!” In this series, I will (obviously) review a movie on the most hated day of the week! 2,007 more words

Movie Review Monday!

Anxiety, Part I

Your heartbeat rises until your skull is pulsing, sending explosions of pain down your ear canals and reverberating between your teeth. The world rises around you, voices and footsteps and bumping and shuffling growing louder and louder as your chest constricts. 1,045 more words

Michelle Most

The Battle That Made Me Really Uncomfortable (And Kind of Giddy)

There was a fight on Twitter the other day.

If you are familiar with social networking in any way, shape or form, this will come as no surprise. 1,065 more words

Michelle Most

Where Do We Go From Here?

I am twenty one years old.

The sky is bright, but wind whips the petunias and the trees.

I’m sitting on my mom’s couch. Cops is on, and I’m considering a Mountain Dew. 275 more words

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