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What the bestseller lists at India's online bookstores tell us

In April this year, I wrote two blog posts (part I of the post here and part II here) that discussed what could be the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) per page for a bestselling book in India. 1,314 more words

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Coco Chanel is known for breaking down the idea that women are limited to chocking,uncomfortable corset silhouette frocks. She brought about the casual chic look,where comfort is still stylish! 83 more words


Message to the AFL Accredited Media

Dear Invertebrates,

I realise your accreditation depends on presenting favourable coverage, but is there any danger of you ever deviating to the realm of reality and accurately informing the footy public? 323 more words


Safety stock

Ở một môi trường kinh doanh đầy cạnh tranh thì đẩy các nhà quản trị phải tính toán các con số một cách chính xác. Mức tồn kho an toàn là một thiết lập rất quan trọng cho doanh nghiệp, sự ảnh hưởng từ 521 more words

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How to make data look sexy

Today, visualization has the potential to become a mass medium. Engagement — grabbing and keeping the attention of a viewer — is the key to its broader success. 38 more words


Only in food & beverage companies MRP is off ?

Yes, I admit, …me too. I started some holy war. But today, in fast growing companies,  running an MRP it is a pure waste of time. 597 more words

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Perbedaan MPS dan MRP di dalam SAP-ERP

Apa Perbedaan MPS dan MRP di dalam SAP-ERP?

Saya berusaha keras mencoba untuk menemukan perbedaan antara MRP dan MPS. Apakah perbedaan dua hal tersebut, dalam banyak pembicaraan saya saya gagal untuk mendapat jawaban. 157 more words