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Avoid Pedicure Foot Fungus

Increased media attention has heightened awareness for the spread of infections from shared instruments and unhygienic practices in many salons. Save your feet-They will thank you! 665 more words


There's only one way to treat deadly resistant superbugs

Get them before they get you.

Make them dead. Wipe them out completely.

You can, and it’s easy. All the nasties we’re scared to death of: MRSA, e. 472 more words

Hydrogen Peroxide

Let doctors decide

Governments, like their poor relations, inspectors, have no purpose but compulsion and standardisation of human behaviour.  Those in the right gang benefit; those outside usually just pay. 167 more words


Getting the Word Out

On September the 19th I will be competing at the North American Strongman Masters Nationals in Las Vegas at The Mr. Olympia. I have missed the last 2 Nationals because of court appearances in our custody case with my Nephew (we are moving forward on the adoption now) and I am very excited to be competing at this level again. 344 more words

Why our old-hat approach to hygiene could make us crash and burn

Living is a lot like flying.

Everything’s fine as long as it’s in balance.

Looks easy, feels easy – until it goes wrong. And sooner or later, something always does. 439 more words

Hydrogen Peroxide

A(nnual)B(ooger)C(entral)-A Back to School Special

As children return to school, so does the flu (influenza), the common cold, and other community-acquired illnesses. Influenza alone accounts for 38 million schools days lost annually. 637 more words