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Zoflora - heaven scent

I’m not a fan of doing house work, but I do like my home to be clean and tidy. But with three teenage boys, a 5 year old puddle-jumping addict, a husband who runs and a puppy that likes to dig, my kitchen floor is shocking… 190 more words

Marijuana, Pain Pills, and Natural Alternatives

I am sore and unsteady today. My feelings are more of sadness, thinking too much or maybe not too much of my brother Al. But, I changed my mind about blogging tonight after reading a dear friends post tonight. 853 more words

Super Bugs

Scientific Findings For Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil Science

Lemongrass is another versatile essential oil. Cymbopogon flexuosus is the strain that you can find through Young Living. It’s key constituents are as follows: 516 more words

EO Highlight

Ebola at School?

Yesterday we learned that 2 students from my daughters school were on the same flight with the nurse who tested positive for the Ebola virus. Although the school has been cleaned and we are being told not to worry I feel very strongly that I need to share what my family has learned and has been using to help protect us from all of the crud going around that we are exposed to on a daily basis at school, church, stores, etc. 134 more words

Essential Oils

Researchers discover inter- and intraspecies of Staph 'gangs' share nutrients during infection.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can share resources to cause chronic infections, Vanderbilt investigators have discovered. Like the individual members of a gang who might be relatively harmless alone, they turn deadly when they get together with their ‘friends.’  The findings, reported in… 677 more words