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New Nutraceutical, Metadichol® – Breathtaking Results!

“One good nutraceutical can wipe out the drugs.” Dr. Stephen De Felice

As a regular reader, you have seen several post of the new form of policosanol as a small droplet emulsion, brand name, Metadichol®. 787 more words


Global Warming Isn't The Big Problem... But Don't Relax Just Yet

It seems that global warning may not after all be the biggest threat to human life.

But don’t reach for the champagne yet – there is a larger one, which is the adverse effect of the over use of antibiotics. 577 more words

Book Review

A new "super-antibiotic" kills pathogens without detectable resistance

Antibiotic resistance ‘as big a risk as terrorism'”

“Antibiotic resistance now ‘global threat'”

“Antibiotic apocalypse

The above are just a few of the many news headlines in the last couple of years regarding the continually increasing levels of antibiotic resistance.

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Antibiotics have revolutionized medicine since penicillin was first refined by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928. Much of our modern medicine from hospital surgery to organ transplants is dependent on the use of antibiotics to control or prevent infection. 199 more words


Ready to Talk: The Infection

Part 1

Memoir Shorts

There is a reason “in sickness and in health” exists in marriage vows. My husband, Ben, and I joked about the fact we got “the sickness” part down. 781 more words


Rise in Antibiotic Resistance

On 7th January 2015, a new class of antibiotics, the powerful anti-microbial Teixobactin was discovered by screening soil microorganisms. This microbe is effective against gram positive bacteria such as MRSA and bugs that cause TB. 322 more words


Long Island sports team suffers from MRSA infections

The dangerous and occasionally deadly MRSA infection is laying siege to one high school sports team at a school on Long Island.

As reported by Newsday, three different students who are all members of one Rocky Point High School sports team… 303 more words

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