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My first time to create a gradient in MS PAint. Thought it was cute so I transfered a copy to my phone and made it my wallpaper. 57 more words

MS Paint

Easy and Effective Way to Measure PWM... Without a Scope!

Sometimes when a project is coming together, you need to cobble a tool together to get it completed. Whether it’s something very involved, like building a 3D printer to fabricate custom parts, or something relatively simple, like wiring a lightbulb and a battery together to create a simple continuity checker, we’ve all had to come up with something on the fly. 163 more words

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Wizard - Diablo III

I’m once again addicted to Diablo III (battletag) so I made this anime-inspired wizard fan art. Everything in it was done manually…
…becuase it’s just today that I learned about curve tool! 9 more words

MS Paint

Random Art: Monday's Not as Manic, But a Bit Chuggy...

Hmmm. Things are moving NOW with the internet up here, but for about an hour or two it was slow and annoying. I had to reset my computer to make sure things weren’t mucking up on this end (they weren’t), but now things are mostly okay. 178 more words


Random Art: So Much For Sunday Success...

Well, today was a total bust on the productivity front. Two Starbucks with two crappy signals meant me getting some exercise walking from one to the other and not posting anything all day. 192 more words


Vennesday XXIX - Pop Culture!

In honour of my 100th(!) blog post I’m departing from the regularly scheduled Venn format. Rather than my normal “deconstruction style” of Venn (a term coin, and only used by me) I’m going with a straight text book Venn, one that may provide just a tiny little bit of insight into what goes on inside my head.  226 more words