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My first time to create a gradient in MS PAint. Thought it was cute so I transfered a copy to my phone and made it my wallpaper. 57 more words

MS Paint

Easy and Effective Way to Measure PWM... Without a Scope!

Sometimes when a project is coming together, you need to cobble a tool together to get it completed. Whether it’s something very involved, like building a 3D printer to fabricate custom parts, or something relatively simple, like wiring a lightbulb and a battery together to create a simple continuity checker, we’ve all had to come up with something on the fly. 163 more words

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Wizard - Diablo III

I’m once again addicted to Diablo III (battletag) so I made this anime-inspired wizard fan art. Everything¬†in it was done manually…
…becuase it’s just today that I learned about curve tool! 9 more words

MS Paint

Random Art: Monday's Not as Manic, But a Bit Chuggy...

Hmmm. Things are moving NOW with the internet up here, but for about an hour or two it was slow and annoying. I had to reset my computer to make sure things weren’t mucking up on this end (they weren’t), but now things are mostly okay. 178 more words