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Let's make a game (part 5)

So in the efforts of making a push towards getting this thing off the ground, I’ve been trying to set aside a few days each week to dedicate to creating assets for the game project or at least for thinking about how we can organize and properly handle them. 483 more words


Today's Crush: lazybonesillustrations

With the looks of a young Alexa Chung with her nonchalant hairstyle and skinny figure, Miranda is more than just a girl from Sydney with a cool appearance. 564 more words


Random Art: Let's Twist Again...

Meh, just some filler because I had to reinstall some stuff on the laptop a few days back and did this while waiting. I don’t like it much, but that’s okay. 29 more words


OSSM Stories: MS Paint

So if you remember from what I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I went to a school called OSSM. We were allowed to use laptops to take notes, but what if you’re bored in class and don’t want to take notes/pay attention? 128 more words

Random Art: You Get a Moon Carpet! And YOU Get A Moon Carpet!...

Okay, it’s not a REAL moon carpet, but hey, it popped up in a dream I had while resting yesterday, so I’m sharing. Eh, I should probably tinker with it some more so it looks like something closer to a moon surface and not a close up of some bad skin condition. 38 more words


spaceship clarinet

you take hours to cook, you have serious taste.

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