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Ditka'll Find a Wave (Bad MS Paint Fest, Part II)

Sure, Disney’s new Bear movie looks amazing and the bears are oh-so-adorable as long as you ignore how quickly they can eat you, but here’s how you make it even better. 90 minutes, 15 heart attacks.

MS Paint

Random Art: I've Been Busy, But That's A Lame Excuse.

Well, not SO lame, as I’ve been busy working on trying to make some actual money (digital money really blows when you can’t feeling it taking up space in your pockets!). 54 more words


Random Girl (MS Paint)

A product of utter randomness. Done on MS Paint, processed on Photoscape.


My (Ideal) Morning Ritual

I have a firm belief that mornings are the most important part of anyone’s day.

How your morning goes sets the mood on everything else you’re going to do, feel, and think. 297 more words

MS Paint

(28 Agustus 2013) Menggambar dengan MS Paint
Karavan di panasnya padang pasir??

Aquarium, spider & hollow tree

Spaceship explorer

Giant bawa odol

MS Paint

Random Art: All My Ghosts... And A Few Skeletons...

Meh, nothing to see here. Move along! Started this before Game of Thrones kicked off, waited until that was over (yes, it was a fantastic premiere to Season 4) and finished it while being not at all impressed with the… 103 more words