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Media Sales and Marketing, London, 1991 to 1993

Welcome to The Media Sales and Marketing Bureau! We’re here to remember the hey day of London advertising sales house Media Sales and Marketing. Here is a list of the crew from the height of the craziness! 28 more words


What happens when libs try their hands at revisionist history...

Salon Attempts to Paint Avowed Communist Lee Harvey Oswald as a “Right-Winger”

Via Salon today comes one of the most truly bizarre pieces of revisionist history I have ever seen, even within the context of articles appearing at Salon.

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Media mayhem: Odd juxtaposition of the day

From the homepage of China Daily USA, a reminder of the dangers of those darn Blue Meanies:

UPDATE: Same photo, different context.

From the London Daily Mail:


How White House Reporters Can Reclaim Their Beat...

Just pretend there’s a Republican President in office…

Paul Farhi of The Washington Post writes today about a trend at the White House—and throughout journalism—that threatens the quality and credibility of news-gathering: Public-relations “minders” are injecting themselves into our interviews with politicians, CEOs, and other policymakers.

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"Bubble Boy" Barry...

What is Obama Hiding at His Wealthy Donor Fundraisers?

There are at least two major issues that make Obama’s participation in these events a matter of public interest and therefore open to at least some of the press.

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