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Men Style Monday

   So I’ve been thinking i should post looks for the men too but I seriously have no idea what to name it but in time I’ll know what to call this particular category. 79 more words


Causes Of Non-Adherence To ART Medication & Possible Solutions

A Look at Psychosocial Problems As Factors in Non-adherence to ART Medication by HIV-Positive MSM – by M. Butler

Problems which some patients have in adhering to ART (antiretroviral therapy) medication may have a basis in psychosocial factors, such as mental health issues and/or substance use, a recent clinical review has revealed, and so interventions which address 617 more words


Ordo ab Chao … Order out of Chaos.

Checkout Vigilant Citizen’s article on ISIS…this is indeed ordo ab chao…and manipulation of public opinion.


Well, I was in the toilet....

Yo MSMers! How’s it hanging? How’s your week been?

You know, I’ve heard it said before that much of England’s history played out in the pub. 389 more words


Africa/Ebola WTH?

Turning on the televison brings nothing but fear mongering regarding Ebola. Both broadcast stations and cable news stations are “creating” news regarding this situation.

And of course the politicians are having a heyday with the situation. 189 more words