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Head of Synod on Family reacts angrily to lay input defending Church Doctrine, says doctrine has always evolved

One of the most glaring aspects of the ultra-clericalism that has been rampant in the Church since the last Council, is that many statements purporting to encourage lay input and involvement in the Church are suddenly forgotten when the laity don’t uphold the progressive-modernist line.   1,111 more words

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T -249: The Pianist's Returns and He's Spartacus!

[caption id="attachment_626" align="aligncenter" width="549"]The Pianist The Pianist[/caption] Tickling the ivories, and playing on the Faithful's nerves. For his repertoire on how he "plans to manipulate the Synod" and other favorites see here. ;-)

HIV, Homosexuality & the Black Community: Why are black men who have sex with men (MSM) so disproportionally affected by HIV/AIDS?

In 2012, data from the CDC revealed that HIV rates nearly doubled among black men who have sex with men (MSM); making them the largest group of new HIV diagnosis. 468 more words

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The Essentials of Frame Essentials

As we age the water content of the cartilage decreases as a result the cartilage becomes less resilient.
•Inflammation surrounding the joint can occur.
•The inflammation is usually the result of the cartilage breakdown which is released into the synovial space. 1,144 more words


Mainstream media bedrog: "Syriza wil Grexit"

Weer een mainstream media (MSM) mega-leugen waar helaas de 99% intrapt: de “extreem linkse” / “radicaal linkse” Syriza die de verkiezingen op 25.01.2015 in Griekenland heeft gewonnen dreigt Griekenland terug te trekken uit de EU.  390 more words

This Is How The US Government Convinces A Newspaper To Kill A Story

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, by Mike Krieger

 Under President George W. Bush, the White House urged reporters to withhold accounts about many of the most contentious aspects in the war on terrorism: the existence of a secret prison in Thailand, the Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation and detention program, warrantless wiretapping and government monitoring of financial transactions.

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Critical Aspects For How to use forever aloe msm gel - The Facts

What is forever aloe msm gel or Methyl sulfonylurea methane so it can have the full title. Sounds a little scary? However it is merely a fancy reputation for the organic sort of sulphur. 426 more words