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Ki Fer Ramgoolam ek Berenger Bizin Prend Conze

Anéanti en 1982, le Parti Travailliste ti gagne ene repi lorsque 2 ou 3 so ban mam ti rent dans Parlement grâce a system best loser. 695 more words


The Latest Cheap, Emotional, Manipulative Anti-White Propaganda Crap From Aangirfan

You can’t beat this Bolshevik Marxist Canaanite serpent creature, Aangirfan, for vile cheap shots at white people, can you? Sooner or later, between the odd tid bit pieces of Truth, you will soon get his ‘par for the course’ standard MO tirades of Bolshevik Marxist Jew propaganda spew and, with this, his latest snide post, we get two slimy evil pieces entitled: “Executed Kid Was Innocent” George Junius Stinney Jr. 588 more words


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, MSMers and everyone!

Ho, ho, ho, MSMers! How’s it hanging? How’s your week been?

Well TGIF and this time it’s the big one! This is one we’ve been waiting all year for! 249 more words


Nicolas Gomez Davila: "the media broadcast countless pieces of foolishness"

“In an age in which the media broadcast countless pieces of foolishness, the educated man is defined not by what he knows, but by what he doesn’t know.”

- Nicolas Gomez Davila

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Social Determinants of Health for Men Who Have Sex with Men and Transgender Women in San Salvador

Analysis of health problems from a social determinants perspective is a useful approach to identify overlapping areas across development sectors and reach development goals in education, governance, economic prosperity, and health. 95 more words


The Future Of Media Is About Freedom and Independence

We Are Change, 12/2014

Jeff interviews independent journalist Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, topics include: independent journalism making the mainstream media irrelevant, the death of the mainstream media, speaking.
Time: 40:38


MSM and DMSO - Organic Sulphur as a Versatile Healer


MSM, dimethylsulfone or methylsulfonylmethane with the formula (CH3)2SO2 occurs naturally in many fresh foods but is lost during processing. Its main use in the body is for collagen synthesis, forming skin, blood vessels, hair and nails. 3,431 more words

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