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MSN Messenger: A Blast From The Past

In the light of the recent proposed closure of MSN Messenger, it seemed an ideal moment to reminisce on what was an integral form of communication for young people like myself over the past fifteen years. 678 more words

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MSN Messenger Says Goodbye, Microsoft Will Finally Pull the Plug on 31 October

I’ve never been a fan of MSN Messenger, but I don’t hate it either. It was one of the first IM clients which pioneered the era of social networking on the Internet, and when such an application is put to sleep, you can’t help but feel a little sad. 344 more words


Teenage Memories of MSN Live Messenger

The below article was written at BBC. I can truly appreciate the article for its evoking of memories of personal stories of MSN. I remember I met my first girlfriend in high school and although it was a simple crush I had on her it turned out to be so much more when she would “appear offline” but pop up to talk to me. 643 more words

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The Vampyre Legends - Update 1.1.10a

So I’ve had no net for a few days (I know old issues plaguing me) but now I’m back online I wanted to share the newest release of the Vampyre Legends, this version brings a few quick updates and some new content, though the story system isn’t in place yet a lot of the locations are beginning to take shape.  201 more words

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via Engadget: MSN Messenger To End in October

Article published by Engadget. Written by Steve Dent. Reinterpreted by Angela Hydes.

After 15 years of reputable message-sending, MSN Messaging service will soon be joining the graveyard of long-lost software. 132 more words