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Social Media & Self-Esteem : Life Talks #1

It’s something that we don’t say but we all think. It’s something that we all crave but we secretly seek. Everybody wants to feel acceptance from somebody or some people or by just specifc people. 611 more words

like a secret flower

May is not someone you should use a stern voice with. To impart a sense of urgency or importance, you can initially yell at her, but once you catch her attention, your voice should be at a friendly and sweet tone, other wise you will lose her. 383 more words


Content, Engagement & Sensationalism

Recently a commentator wrote a comment. It raised some interesting points about content on the internet and how to approach presenting the content you create. If anything the comment made me think and thus this post is both a reply and an explanation. 809 more words

Essays & Articles

Trying to put the world to rights. But first, let me take a selfie..

The selfie. It feels like a relatively new craze but I know it’s been around for years. In fact, I remember many an evening after school spent doing my hair just right, perfecting my unnecessary ton of make-up and holding my digital camera at arms length in order to capture the perfect profile picture for my myspace page, eager to present myself as sultry and sexy but fun and intelligent too. 322 more words


Microsoft superará a Yahoo en publicidad online

El estudio realizado por eMarketer revela un revés en la meta de Yahoo! de mantenerse como pionero en internet. El análisis arrojó que Google ampliará su dominio del mercado publicitario en internet este año, con 31.45% del mismo, mientras que la de Facebook alcanzaría 7.79 por ciento. 146 more words

Chapter 42: The Closed Window

After the train wreck that was the day before, I made no plans to go out or do anything. Instead, I stayed in and had yet another two conversations using MSN Messenger. 462 more words