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Microsoft unveils new-MSN in Malaysia

The new MSN combines premium content from the world’s leading media outlets with personal productivity tools to help you do more. The new experience is available on the web and will soon be available across all major device platforms – including Windows, iOS and Android. 223 more words


Freelancing aint all bad!

I was one of the fortunate ones and its not like I didn’t work hard for my job because I did. I was one of the few that actually had a job when I graduated. 554 more words


Will Facebook survive?

I do remember ICQ, MSN Messenger, Geocities, Myspace and now Facebook.

They were all popular at different stages but vanished by the wayside. The big advantage I found that Facebook had over Myspace was its profession layout as opposed to Myspace. 22 more words


The new MSN arrives!

- via Microsoft Blogs

Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled a first look at the new MSN. Over the past 3 weeks, nearly 10 million of you took the opportunity to test out the new site and more than 80,000 of you even took the time to tell them what you thought. 592 more words

The end of your first Fraand

This week will always be remembered as the time when a brand synonymous with failure and classlessness finally came to an end – IIPM. Also, Orkut shut down. 511 more words

Weakness In Safe List

How would you like to send your commercial emails to people you do not know, but are expecting to receive such mail from you? Wait a minute.

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MSN Travel: A Portuguese road trip - exploring between Lisbon and Porto

Forget the Algarve and instead discover the charm and natural beauty of central and northern Portugal with this Lisbon-to-Porto itinerary

Originally posted on MSN UK, August 2014… 2,560 more words

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