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The Sunday morning network news/interview programs used to have a certain cachet. Led by Meet The Press—the oldest such entity having debuted scant months after your favorite blogger emerged from the womb—these shows often presented newsmakers actually making news. 596 more words

George W. Bush

Reality versus intent OR Why #GamerGate IS evil

I’ve probably never mentioned it before, but I am a gamer.  I love games.  Board games of various shapes and sizes, card games, pen & paper RPG, computer games, video games (old school for Arcade/Console), all of that. 1,741 more words


Maniacs with guns and 24-hour news networks... a really bad combination...

Every time some asshead with a gun… you know, either a psychotic loner or a religious zealot… shows up somewhere… you know, like a school or any crowded, public setting… and starts trying to ‘fix what is wrong with society’ by spraying bullets into other human beings, the 24-hour news networks go into overdrive. 311 more words


Shooting shatters 'profile'

When news broke of the shooting at the Marysville, Wash., high school, and it was known that the shooter was a student, one of my first thoughts became: What kind of loner/outcast would do such a horrible thing? 286 more words

National News

Rangel: ISIS 'Not A Threat To Our National Security'

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., said that ISIS is “not a threat to our national security,” arguing that we should not be bombing in the region because we are not even at war. 289 more words


Thomas Roberts, Sam Stein Defend Hillary's War on Bill's Women

Thomas Roberts, Sam Stein Defend Hillary’s War on Bill’s WomenNewsBusters ^ | Mark FinkelsteinPosted on 10/23/2014, 8:23:08 AM by governsleastgovernsbestToday’s Morning Joe offered an especially ugly example of the MSM circling the wagons around its political favorites. 290 more words

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