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MSNBC Host Goes Off Over Prosecutor's Huge, Verdict-Altering Mistake In Darren Wilson's Case

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MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell ripped into A St. Louis County assistant district attorney for making a huge mistake in prosecuting Darren Wilson. 429 more words

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Happy Thanksgiving...Thanks for reading Ebony Mom Politics

Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading the blog. We might not always agree, but we can always discuss.

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I Couldn't Sleep At All Last Night, The Slug is Out... Propped By George

“I Couldn’t Sleep At All Last Night!!!”
Those words are from that old Bobby Darin song. But it wasn’t because of someone banging on the ceiling or knocking on my door, unless we can make a stretch and call that State’s Attorney Bob McCulloch a noisemaker. 1,084 more words


Video: MSNBC Panelist Says America Is Fundamentally Racist

Many different angles and explanations have been floated as reasons why the tragic event in Ferguson occurred and will possibly continue to occur which has helped illuminate the view many people have about American society.   818 more words


We weep for Michael Brown because we fear for our own sons

When I heard the news that Darren Wilson was not indicted I was not surprised, but I was sad. Michael Brown might not have been an angel, but he was no demon. 194 more words

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MSNBC legal analyst: The word 'charging' is racist

 Darren Wilson claimed in testimony that he was acting in self-defense when he shot Michael Brown because Michael Brown was charging at him. MSNBC had on a legal analyst, Lisa Bloom, to debate the Grand Jury verdict and here is what she had to say about the term ‘charging’ and I think you know where she is going to take this: 86 more words