Movie Blog @ MSPIFF, Day 14: 'How To Disappear Completely'

That’s not Thom Yorke on the, ahem, “Motion Picture Soundtrack” for How to Disappear Completely. It’s the spare, oddly dispassionate beats of Eyedress, which lace Raya Martin’s dark and foreboding mystery with an aura of coolness that eventually seems to turn into hypoxia, not unlike what the Tindersticks efforted for Claire Denis’s… 642 more words


Movie Blog @ MSPIFF, Day 13: 'The Dog'

At age 11, I first saw Dog Day Afternoon as an edited-for-TV Sunday afternoon movie on a dreary fall day. The lonely kid version of me was absolutely riveted by the guns, the screams, the laughs, the crowds, the helicopters and the impetus of the whole bank robbery fiasco – a sex reassignment surgery. 514 more words


Dispatches from the MSPIFF—Part Four

This year’s MSPIFF has been a richer experience for me than last year’s. One of the reasons I was prompted to see more movies at this year’s festival was partly due to having hand-picked all of the films I saw last year, only to find almost none of them particularly noteworthy. 1,361 more words


Movie Blog @ MSPIFF, Day 12: 'Manakamana'

Directed by Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez but supervised by Lucien Castaing-Taylor (whose Leviathan was among last year’s most memorable films, documentary or otherwise), you might say that nothing happens in… 908 more words


Movie Blog @ MSPIFF, Day 11: 'The Last Of The Unjust'

At age 88, filmmaker Claude Lanzmann is cinema’s greatest torchbearer for the preservation of first-person holocaust remembrances. He’s most famous for his epic documentary Shoah… 450 more words

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Dispatches from the MSPIFF—Part Three


The Cleaner
*** (out of 4 stars)
Eusebio is a forensic cleaner in Lima, Peru who is tasked with cleaning up sites where people have died of the mysterious and virulent “Lima Epidemic.” At one site, Eusebio discovers a young boy, Joaquin, hiding in a closet, whom he takes under his wing until he can locate Joaquin’s family. 112 more words


Dispatches from the MSPIFF—Part Two

Stray Dogs
**** (out of 4 stars)
Though I still have a large number of films yet to see, I suspect that Tsai Ming-Liang’s Stray Dogs… 308 more words