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Disillusioned? Perhaps!

Disillusioned? Perhaps!

Bitter cold of

A life of solitude

To live a life of suffrage

More than death

Nothing to live for

That is, until… 83 more words

Life Experience

Wind of Wounds

The brambles of my deepest wound

Blood, midnight, the Socratic

Numbness of always “why?”

The illusion of

The breathing presence of God

Forever, a social condition, perhaps? 86 more words

Life Experience


I am a cat. I’m not quite sure which life I’m on now. I have been gone for a while, being avoidant, while trying to get myself ok. 408 more words

Triggers and Seasons

Apple pie, a fire burning, a snowy breeze, and raindrops pitter patter….things we associate with the Fall and Winter season.
The change in seasons usually brings with it certain smells or imagery we may associate with a variety of memories. 369 more words


kruskals algorithm for Graph implementation in c

Kruskals algorithm first sort all the edge weights in ascending order and then starting from the smallest weighted edge to create a minimum spanning tree or minimal spanning tree .it is easiiest and best algorithm to find the minimum spanning tree . 9 more words

Fight or Flight....or Freeze?

When traumatic things happen our bodies react, it’s biological. We’ve all heard the term fight or flight……but that isn’t always what happens. There is one more response that isn’t known as well. 336 more words


Parado, Isto é um assalto do MST!

Por Felipe Marques

O governo do PT e dos amigos do Foro de São Paulo deseja o fim das propriedades privadas para que os amigos do MST continuem faturando alto pra cima do nosso suado e sofrido que às vezes vende tudo que tem para comprar um simples pedaço de terra para começar com os planos de agricultura familiar que eles querem que você faça. 617 more words