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In the beginning

That’s what I’ve been given a diagnosis of. P T S D. If you don’t know what that stands for, it means Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 935 more words

Round IS a Shape

To keep myself from dying of boredom during my walk around the football field, I came up with some reasons why I should make a habit out of working out. 241 more words

Anxiety Depression

"Vem, lutemos, punhos erguidos!"

Lluita real. Lluita per la terra. Perquè terra és vida:

Lluita per la vida.

Aquells i aquelles qui, en aquesta societat malalta i deshumanitzant, lluiten per tenir dret a un troç de terra, lluiten al cap i a la fi per la vida. 480 more words

Procrastination party

This morning was a rarity.
– I woke up not feeling tired, put on my coffee pot, got the kids out the door to school, finished my coffee, and believed the day was full of possibilities… then my motivation slowly drained out of me. 208 more words

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Male Rape

A recent Slate article discusses a new study about male rape which suggests that men are sexually assaulted about as often as women. Not only are men raped at a much higher frequency than previously thought, but the perpetrators against them are often women, a revelation that will radically alter the way we talk about sexual assault and gender. 58 more words


Anti-microbial Master Batch

Anti-microbial Master Batch (BioCleanAct™) is an excellent antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and harmless polymer developed from the organic anti-microbial material of MicroScienceTech and supplied as a pellet-type for easy-application to various forms such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, SAN PLA (bio-degradable) chip. 166 more words

KOTRA Awards

Running the Shut-In Ridge

Andrew, the boys and I camped in Pisgah National Forest for a rainy long weekend. I picked Flat Laurel Gap at Mt. Pisgah because of its elevation (5000 ft.) and proximity to some beautiful areas of western North Carolina. 1,143 more words