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The Healing Power of Animals for Troops with PTSD

My first journey in true healing was when I got my service dog, Onyx. She broke through this warrior and opened up a new area of life: love & trust. 1,451 more words

Jennifer Norris

April 21, 2014

My usual wake-up time is around 7 a.m. This morning I slept in until 10. The only cure for the breakneck pace of the past several weeks was sleep, and lots of it. 649 more words


Saved from Second Best

This is a true story, and to prove it I can even name the day and date it happened. It was, like today, the day before Easter, but because Easter fell on April 4 in 2010, this story takes place on the 3rd. 932 more words

Pioneer Boulevard

Intra-semester test drama

This doesn’t happen every time. Because the 2011 past paper was the same as the 2012 past paper, and the 2013 past paper was leaked onto our Facebook group page with good intent, there were some students who had access to an ‘unfair advantage’ because the 2014 paper entailed similar questions. 104 more words



Twice a year, in the fall and the spring, staff members fan out across the country for Site Visits. This just happened in March, and it was during this visit that I realized that something was missing from this blog and I aim to correct that here. 822 more words

Twila, Da Girl Who Was In Luv W/A Vampir Ch. 2

Fandom: Twilight

This chapter is just…awful. Lots of fighting…over a Sue. And Burger King. You don’t want to miss out.

Twila, Da Girl Who Was In Luv W/A Vampir Ch. 1

Fandom: Twilight

I don’t know anything really about this story besides that this is most likely a self insert fanfiction with terrible writing quality. Most likely a trollfic based off the author’s love of… 1,171 more words