Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World (2014)

It seems like nostalgia has been overpowering modern culture lately. Ten year old movies are suddenly getting sequels greenlit, Tumblr expounds upon the joys of the original Pokemon series, and huge bands are reuniting to cash in for another round at the till. 599 more words

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Shoreditch bars are awash with the eighties, nostalgia

Shoreditch bars are awash with the eighties, nostalgia. Dreams of the thirty to forty year generations, dreams, broken dreams, broken promises, real emotion, longing, loving, never getting, confusion. 407 more words

Chromeo : 'Tenderoni' (MSTRKRFT remix)

There is Dance music.  And then there is dirty dance music.  This track is pure filth.


Aerotronic Catapults Onto The Scene With "Night Deconstructions Part 1" EP

     Today, Belgium-based artists, Aerotronic, hit the techno realm hard with their new EP, Night Deconstructions Part 1. Out now via Teenage Riot Records (JFK of MSTRKRFT’s label), the EP features three deep, intense tracks: The Switch, Alter, and Nervous Breakdown. 270 more words


Now Spinning: Death From Above 1979 "You're A Woman, I'm A Machine"

2014 has brought me good news in that Death From Above is definitely back together as they just released a new album.  I’ve had this in regular rotation for years, punk rock being a weakness of mine. 104 more words

Riot Fest

I went to Riot Fest today.  Mainly because I won tickets from Now Magazine (thanks!).  I wanted to see Death From Above.  Their new stuff is grimy one minute and pop the next.  161 more words


Death From Above 1979 "The Physical World" LP release

Toronto’s semi-reclusive, two-piece punks Death From Above 1979 have released their second full-length LP in 10 years. To celebrate, they threw a party. Featuring free on-site tattoos, new custom merch and of course an explosive outdoor performance, all while honouring local noise laws and curfews. 29 more words