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MSW Suites II

It’s time for another edition of inspirational MSW Suites!

Elena_Giibert’s Suite is full of sparkle, and the creation she is wearing is simply fantastic!

Pinklovelemons keeps it simple but elegant with this stunning dress and atmospheric backdrop. 117 more words



This article was super interesting to me. As someone who has an MSW and also knows a lot of people who have MBA’s it struck me as odd that we are just now connecting these two degrees. 199 more words


My New School Year Resolutions

This month I started my second and final year as a graduate student. In light of that, I have come up with some rules and expectations for myself for the new school year. 924 more words


Stardoll Graphics: katyperrycupcak

katyperrycupcak made this cute image matching a real life design to get into the spirit of MSW14! We love the pose and how perfectly it matches the photo inspiration. Thanks for sharing, katyperrycupcak!


All who don't think I won MSW, Read this!

Hallo, Hola, Bonjour, ETC, to all my loyal fans (or loyal haters)!

You probably clicked this because “Oh, She didn’t win MSW. Its a lie! Lets see her proof.” and maybe you’re just curious. 86 more words


New Over 18's Wrestling Promotion To Launch Next Month

Prepare to lose control as the promoters behind Main Stage Wrestling launch a brand new product and unleash Over The Top Wrestling. Ireland’s first and only exclusively over 18’s American wrestling company. 331 more words


Msw store

Hey everybody! There is a new store opening just for MSW, and it is amazing! The prices are a little bit high, but hey, thats just stardoll trying to get some money!A new thing is that superstars get 10 percent off, which isn’t much, but if you are buying a lot can make it better then nothing.I believe  this is limited, like all the others msw shops. 35 more words