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Quality Time

This past week my niece Riley (10yrs old) has been away at camp. Her little sister Reagan (8yrs old) wasn’t able to attend camp with her and was stuck at home missing her big sister and wishing for an adventure of her own.  155 more words

Reaching out.

So many of my friends have passed away from this earth. I have written five farewells this year alone.  I have overcome quite a few difficulties the past 3 years. 451 more words

American Guide Deshutes River Area, Oregon USA

These photos are  from the Deshutes River  area encompassing Trout Creek to Beaver Tail on the river. The bridge is in the town  of Maupin and the sage field enveloping the tractor is on the plain of Mt Hood. 31 more words

Day Trippers: Trillium Lake

If you’re looking for a nice walk in the woods, and a swim, Trillium Lake is a perfect, accessible spot not too far from Portland. We headed out to meet our co-op for a nature day, and had a lovely time. 479 more words

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