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MTLs - BT's forum, Krytyk's departure and my opinion.

Things are quite heating up in the little blogosphere of fan-translations. If you’re not aware of that, recently, with some changes on Baka-Tsuki, the MTL (Machine Translation) subject is really dangerous to abord but, since in the future I want to propose Japanese to English translations, I’ll be dealing with those kinds of problems so, here it is. 643 more words


Wavefronbt Obj Mesh Loading

I recently wrote a simple loader to read the wavefront .Obj Mesh format and its associated .Mtl Material files. Although fairly straightforward, I did run into some  issues as the format seems to be poorly documented, a couple of which I have listed here. 329 more words



* Procedure : item_load
* Description: This procedure will be the Import of Items either Update or Insert for the validated  
*              data loaded into the Item Staging Table. 1,408 more words


Painting : Soon (for Non-Mechanical Errors 14/08 @Vap Box Montréal)

Hey there,

Finished up the last two canvases for my first solo show : Non-Mechanical Errors on 14/08 @Vap Box Montréal. 4812 St-Urbain, Montreal. 18h00